Friday, 29 September 2017

Acceptance (my outfit of the night)


Outfit of the night primark new look events

Hello there, Its been a while. I kind of didn't see the point in my blog anymore. But this changed when I new it was the content that was bringing me down. Talking about MH is so important but not something I want to continue on with. From now on its all a fresh start and I cant wait to show you what I've been working on

So today is going to be a first, I have done outfit of the days before. But I wanted to do more professional ones. AKA my sister. I loved how these come out. When it comes to showing me fully online is a little scary. I'm not really body confident. But I'd like that to change because as I'm getting older it would be nice to finally be comfortable with everything. So you can expect more of these. So I don't usually dress like this. But when I had the opportunity to attend the KAT VON D event I jumped at the chance. (Post will be coming soon).

outfit of the night primark events new look

I wanted to dress up a little. Because I usually don't get the chance too. But I'm not one for that much colour, So when I saw this dress I new I had to have it. It's definitely a day time dress that can be turned into a night out dress. I loved how simple it was. You can actually get this dress for £5 now. THE boots I'm obsessed with. I'm not usually one for clothes and shoes, but this summer I've been buying and buying. And I'm so into it. Which Is so FUN. Back onto the boots. These were a little pricy they come in at £39.99 but they are so worth it. The detail in these are so amazing and will definitely be my staple this A/W

outfit of the night primark new look events

The last piece to this outfit is this bag. I saw this and had to have it. it was £8.00  I haven't seen it in my store for a while now. So I'm not sure if they still sell It. But Primark has so many cute bags in there right now. I love how this brings my outfit all together.

I really loved these photos and love how I felt comfortable that night.

I hope you enjoyed this and whats to come


  1. Amy, I'm so glad you're blogging again!! Love the outfit and can't wait to read more of your new posts xx

  2. I love all the pieces in your outfit, I can't believe that dress is from Primark its stunning and I want some of those boots! You look lovely x