Thursday, 1 June 2017

May beauty Favourites

May beauty favourites

Wow, we are a day away from starting a fresh new month and I'm so ready for it. This month has flown by but no surprise there because this year is speeding by. I really want to get back into blogging because I feel so free when I'm sitting at my laptop and writing. So that's what I'm doing. Today I'm going to be discussing my may beauty favourites. I went through a stage with not really enjoying beauty anymore. But over the past month I have found comfort in beauty. By watching videos to buying products. Which I've loved doing. I don't have a lot of favourites but just enough to create a post which I was happy about.


Well hello Peach, Yes I went there, I just had to. This was a palette I have wanted for months but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it because of the price. It would of been a massive buy for me. And I had to think would I use this or would it be another palette at the back of my draw (Trust me there is a few at the back) But I just went for it because why not. So it become apart of my collection and its absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, I'm so glad that I went for it because this is my favourite palette at the moment. The shades are so wearable. Even the brighter colours are which I was worried about at first. because when you spend money on something you want to as much use as you possibly can. I've been loving the pinks because even though there really pigmented I love all the different looks you can create. This had to be in my favourites because I've shown it some serious love this past month. I also keep smelling the gorgeous peach scent.


I'm always on a hunt for a new bronzer or highlighter, For some reason I like to collect them. I don't use them all but just in case I want to use a different one or I run out of one. (That  never happens) but I saw this in the section of the I heart makeup range and I loved how it looked. That day it was 3for2 and I picked up quite a bit. Including two palettes I haven't even used yet. But lets get onto the product in question. I just loved the look of it and wanted to try it out. So that's what I did. I don't really expect much of brands like this because but they always turn out to be my favourites. I think brands like this have so much to prove more then higher end ones. When I first tried it I loved it. It goes on so easily. One thing I hate when it comes to bronzers is when it gives you the "muddy" look. I'm a pretty pale girl so getting the right balance is hard to find. But this works so well and I love how it looks. It looks quite dark but it doesn't come of like that. But I guess its how much you put on your brush. I cant wait to see what it look likes when I get a bit of tan. The highlighter is gorgeous. And actually something I don't own. I usually go for really shimmery ones. This one is such a everyday one. It leaves you with a lovely glow and it lasts all day.


Highlighters have always been my thing, I just think there so pretty to look at and to use. I quite a obsession with them. I usually go for the more affordable ones and they definitely don't disappoint. I love the more shimmery ones because I love how it looks This MUA one does definitely do its job. IT''S so pigmented and give the wow look once its applied. It is very shimmery and won't be to everyone's taste. But it is really beautiful and has fast become my favourite to use.


This wouldn't be right if this favourite post didn't include a lipstick. I have to many and keep buying more, But I always end up buying more because I love them. But I think I need to cut out buying nudes because I really don't need anymore. But nudes are my favourite shades to wear. I just think there so gorgeous looking and they suit me so maybe that's why I keep buying them. But in my defence They are all different shades of nude. Sounds weird but they are. Lets get onto this one. I got this one at Christmas and thought it was going to be to light on me but it turns out its perfect and compliment's my skin tone. Its really a muted nude that's nearly lip colour shade. But its just a little darker which gives the prefect shade for me. Its from Ted Baker but I'm not sure you can actually get this all year round because it comes in sets at Christmas time. I've gotten good use to this over the past couple of months.


Oh, Another lipstick. Yes this one has to be included. I have always wanted to get a Kate moss lipstick from the brand rimmel. But for some reason I never really got one. But a couple of months ago I was look on the stand and saw this one and new I had to have it. Yes another nude but it actually applies more like a peachy nude. Which is very different for me. I don't really go for tones like that. But It actually grew on me very quickly and it was one of the lipsticks that  I wore constantly. Its a lasting finish with a glossy finish. I'm not one for glossy finishes but I will make a expection for this one. Also can we talk about the packaging. Honestly its gorgeous. Who doesn't love a bit of rose gold in there life.


Skincare. I haven't always looked after my skin which is really bad. But it was something I wasn't interested in. Its really actually something I just started doing because I wanted my skin to have some glow and to look all dark and dull looking. When I saw Garnier had released some new skincare I had to have a look at them. And I saw one for Dry and Sensitive skin is which is something I struggle with. Especially the Dry bit. So I thought I would pick these to see if they worked, Well they must of done for them to be in my favourites. I used them night and day and I saw such a difference. My face actually looked fresh and it had some glow to it which made me very happy. Now I can see why skincare is so important and that everyone should use it. I never buy the same skincare over and over again but I am with this one.


  1. That Rimmel lipstick is so beautiful! I'm adding it to my wish list right now. Thanks for sharing.