Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Three top Spring trends £10 and under.



Spring has just sprung, Which also means that all the shops have colourful displays which sucks you in for hours at a end. Good job shops, You really no what makes a British person happy. Trends to me signifies a lot of money being spent. I know many people don't have the money to splash out on a whole new wardrobe every season. But there is always a but when it comes to fashion and trends. one word DUPES, If there wasn't a thing that you could get clothes at a fraction of a price of what it is on designer websites I would dress very boring because there is no way I would be able to afford anything. Spring clothing has made me very happy this year because its just me. So girly. The shop I got all these items from isn't going to come as a shock. Its one of my favourite shops to shop in. When it came to Pay day I went in and got some gorgeous pieces, Yes of course I'm talking about PRIMARK

Primark is the most affordable shop around in my opinion for trends at a very affordable price. Who doesn't want some trends in there life at a good price. I really had a good look around and they really have out done themselves this time. Everything is so gorgeous and so so trendy. I wanted to buy the whole shop. But I contained myself. I think when it comes to Primark they do it so well

I picked up three massive trends for £10 and under and I couldn't believe my luck especially one item because I've seen lots of places selling them for much more then I got them for. I would say that the trends for this year are Backless loafers, Bell sleeves floral print and over and over the shoulder handbags. That's all I can see everywhere. Also the colour pink. Which is just incredible. And I think what I like about it is that there is different shades of pink which is amazing for everyone, From nude pink to bright pink. With me I usually tend to stay at light end.

bell sleeves fashion spring primark top trends

This trend is EVERYWHERE. Not even joking when I say that. Every shop you go in you will see a sleeve like this. Primark is full of it. From tops to dresses. This is my second to first favourite and I cant wait till its warm enough to wear it. I think its so flattering and so feminine. But it also gives this top something special, It can either be dressed down or casual which is another reason why I love it.

loafers trend spring fashion primark

Right when I saw this trend I didn't know weather to love it or hate it, But I ended up loving it and wanting them in every colour going. They are just so, so stylish and would make any outfit complete. Perfect and so amazing for spring and summer and I'm going to wear these till I cant anymore. Primark is full of these style shoes right now and with different styles, I don't what it is about them but they seem so timeless and would go with anything. And for that price you cant complain.


Something I've never really get is new handbags, And I actually don't even know why. I usually just stick to one. But this year I really wanted a smaller bag. And this one caught my eye. It's floral nude/pink  and small. The reason why I wanted a smaller bag is because I stuff rubbish into my bigger bag. So this is perfect. Smaller over the shoulder bags are so in right now and Primark yet again are doing such a good job. 

So that's my Top three spring trends £10 and under. Primark is my favourite and they never let me down.

Were is your favourite place to shop. 


  1. i really love the bag ^^ i wish i have primark where we live T_T
    my fav place to shop is Stradivarius
    have a nice day

  2. I love everything you've chosen. Embroidery is my favourite thing at the moment <3 xx

  3. Love all of these! Primark is one of my favourite stores everything is so cheap but great quality.

  4. I've had my eye on the top and bag for so long!! I'm also loving the idea of loafers at the moment! Girl you're going to do bad things to my bank account x

    Abi | abistreetx