Thursday, 5 January 2017

My best of beauty 2016



Beauty is such a love of mine and every year I find new products I love. Well of course it wouldn't be right if I didn't have anything new that I loved. I say beauty I mean mostly makeup. I love finding new brands and more bits to lust over. This year was more Drugstore run, but I do have couple bits of high end. Of course I love more luxury products just as much as drugstore but I can't really afford to buy the high end a lot. So many items that have blown my mind. Everything I have used. But there is a couple of items that I have recently brought. But it doesn't matter if I've used it once or hundred times. If I like something I like something. 2016 was a good beauty year. Lets get onto what my favourites have been.

Tarte/ Rainforest of the sea foundation.

This is one of my first high end foundations, To me high end foundations never really have a bad review. I was worried that I would get a expensive foundations and would hate it. And that would of been a waste of money. So it was 50/50 really and I was hoping that it would be the better side. I can officially say after writing a full blog post and given it a good old go. I'm obsessed with it. Personally I love a good coverage foundation. This has out blown all my other foundation. It's amazing for dry skin because it so moisturising and it leaves you with a dewy finish. which I love. It is a water based foundation which I have never tried before. With that I don't see a difference from other foundations but that could just be me. Everything else is flawless. My second high end foundation was a success which I'm so glad about. I would definitely recommend this to other beauty lovers and to people who have just got into makeup. Tarte is very hard to get in the UK but if you fancy a browse at some of there range check out QVC. It's a English telly shopping channel that has a website and they stock Tarte as well as some other amazing high end ranges.

TARTE // Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette.


Eyeshadow palettes are my obsession and I ALWAYS fall in Love with very similar ones. I just love my neutral colours. With having so many the same. I thought that I wouldn't get the use out of this one just as many other ones I have. But This is my second most used palette of the year. I say year I mean November to now. I got this as a earlier Christmas present.. But I've been using this since. Not all the time but most of the time because I couldn't ever use just one. I This is very pigmented but I wouldn't expect any less. Because high end isn't cheap. I haven't used the blush because I'm not really a blush kind of girl. But the eyeshadows are amazing. Some shimmer and some matte. Which is very handy because this can be used to a day to a night and is so compactable. I'm hoping this don't go to the back of my draw. I also love the packaging. Who doesn't love cute packaging. I'm probably way to obsessed with how it looks then I should be. But there we go. Overall I'm in love and it's definitely a palette you need in you're life.

MAYBELLINE // blushed nude palette.

  Yes another palette. This was given to me last Christmas and I've loved it ever since. It's has all the shades I love. But some of them I haven't been to brave to try out. For some reason dark colours are something I usually muck up. I end up looking like a cast member of Adams family then someone with a sultry smokey eye. That's my problem. Anyways I have really enjoyed the shades I have been using. The colours are really pigmented and very long lasting which is always a plus. It is a shimmer based palette. So if you don't like shimmer stay clear. A palette that I'm glad I own. It's always my go to palette. You can get this in any Drug store franchise and Supermarkets.

TOM FORD// Lipstick

 Along side palettes. Lipsticks are my next favourite makeup item. I'm always wanting a new lippy. But I never thought I would own a Tom Ford lipstick and I feel so privileged to own it. This is so luxurious and just beautiful. I've been giving this a good go but also not wanting to use it. I don't really have to do a lot of explaining with this one. You can't hate a Tom Ford product its beautiful and a very loved beauty item in my collection.

Ted Baker (Lipstick)

I haven't tried a lot of Ted baker makeup. I got this from Boots. Seeing the colour I new I had to have it as well as the gorgeous packaging. I love Berry/Nude shades all year round. It's so moisturising and insanely pigmented. It applies really well and as a really strong lasting power to it. Which surprised me the most because of how moisturising it was I thought it would slip off. I've had meals and its still going strong. This is one of my favourite lipsticks at the moment because of how amazing it is. I'm looking to try more products of Ted Bakers because of how amazing this was.

Lush / Lip Scrub


I have never tried a Lip scrub till this and I don't know what I was playing at. I just thought it was another product they bring out that really doesn't have any purpose. But I was so wrong. I received this in a lush goody bag when I attended one of there events which was amazing. With so many lipsticks I use that are so drying this is a life saver. It makes my lips so soft and nourished. What I also love about this is that you don't have to keep buying it. I've had this for over a couple of months and I haven't even made a dent in it. A very good product that actually does something for the lips. And I would even go and say that its one of my most used products. It even tastes good.

Zoella / Hungry Hands lotion.


As a blogger I love to support other creators and Youtubers. I love Tanya's and Zoella's collections especially there Christmas Range. This year I picked this up from Zoella's range. Another thing I wasn't overly keen on before this was hand cream. I hate anything that's sticky and won't sink into your skin properly. I love gingerbread So I knew I was going to like the scent of it. But what I really wanted to know if I would like the product itself. When I first tried I really knew I was going to like it. It feels so light on the hands. Not sticky and rubs in well. It really moisturizers my hands well and smells incredible. This is a hand cream that I love and I hate that I won't be able to get this again. Hopefully she Brings something similar out this Christmas.

Kate moss // Rimmel collection.


I have wanted this for ages. But have never got around to buying it. One for the packaging and two because its so compact and looks amazing. This got into my best of beauty because of the contour. I love it so much. It's so subtle and light. Not muddy looks and applies well which is always good. This is unlike any other contour product I've used and I've really enjoyed using it. This is my go to product. I don't use the blush but have also been using the highlighter which is also good.

That's been my Best of Beauty 2016! What's been yours


  1. Fab post Amy :-) I love having a nosey at what other people are loving beauty wise. It gives me lots of inspiration! I'd love to try the foundation as from what you've said I think it'll suit my skin perfectly. I've never heard a bad review of it yet too, so that's good! Lush lip scrubs are definitely up there with my fave beauty products - Once I tried it, there was no looking back. I suffer quite badly with dry chapped lips, especially around this time of year so they're a handbag essential for me.

  2. This is the year that I finally try something from Tarte , I really want to get my hands on an eyeshadow palette of theirs because everyone just raves about them! I really loved using the hungry hands this year too! I found it such a lovely hand cream to get in the festive period because a lot of them are usually Summer-scented! xx

  3. Great post, I'm in love with lip scrub too it's lasted me ages

    Mel ★

  4. I would absolutely love a Tom Ford lipstick, but I don't know if I could quite justify the cost yet - maybe in the future! I've been meaning to pick up a Maybelline palette though and the blushed nude looks lovely!

    Lizzie xx

  5. Your favourites are so amazing!! Many of them are my favourites too!! Though I've never tried a Ted Baker lippy (really want to!) :) I had one major high end foundation disappointment - Charlotte Tilbury "Magic Foundation". Massive no-no!
    I definitely want to explore more of Tarte <3
    Xox Nadia