Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My 5 tips to help Low Mood.

My five tips to help low mood.


Low mood affects so many people and it vile to deal with. I've been a sufferer for many years and not getting much relief from it. Low mood isn't Depression as such. But its part of the family. So it has very similar symptoms. if YOU aren't feeling like you used to please got to your GP and they will carry on from there. Today I wanted to write about my five tips that help me get through day to day. I'm not saying this is for everyone and what might work on me might not work on you. I just wanted to share. It might be helpful to someone.


We all love treats and even more when you're feeling not so good. About a month ago I recognised that my diet wasn't helping my mood. I was eating to much "Junk" and not enough "Healthy" My day would rely around food because that was the only thing that would make me happy. As sad as that sounds Food became my comfort. But eventually it didn't comfort me anymore. My skin was vile my weight plummeted and I was even more tired. I eventually new I couldn't carry on like that and made a choice to eat "good" It's is hard very hard especially as that was your comfort but what you've got to do is swap it with different foods. Have variety and balance and you will see a difference. I've lost some weight, My skin has cleared up and some of the tiredness has disappeared. Don't cut it out entirely because life is too short for that but don't eat it for every meal. It is all about BALANCE    


I HAVE never been into Exercise from the get go. I don't have much stamina when it comes to that. And to be compeletey honest I'm a lazy person. But with some of my illnesses at times making me not lead a normal day to day life I was finding myself stuck at home. And I was always getting cabin fever. A year ago I brought some funky colured trainers to make me want to get out of the house. I could be dishonest and say that worked but that wouldn't be truthful. Last January to March I did get out everyday to exercise but the old habits came back and I stopped. But I realised I was putting to much pressure on myself. I didn't need to do miles a walk down the road was just fine some days. So I started it again. I won't say I love exercise because that would be taking it to far. But I've put it into my daily routine and its making me feel good. Start of slowly and build up.


I'm just like most people when it comes to social media "Addicted" I'm always on my phone checking everything. But what that led to was a very unhealthy obsession of me comparing everything. Which led me into a very dark place. I've always been aware that my adult life isn't the same as everyone else's but something about seeing everyone's "Perfect" Lives got to me. I got to the point when I had to delete the apps. No one lives are perfect. Not many people would put the bad for everyone to see. I think what me and a lot of people need to remember is no one has it perfect and just because it seems it remember to think out of the box and not focus on the pictures. If you can't do that then delete the apps because I'm telling you it will make you so unhappy. Social media is there to document the best for most people. Don't compare because you don't really know who they are and what there lives entail.


Routine routine, Something we hated as a kid but need as a adult. Something that I've let slip over the years and that I blame yet again on no motivation. I believe routine structures your day to day life to the best it can be. I'm not saying this has to be for every day. Especially the weekends. But routine is so helpful to people. I decided that I wanted routine back. And I say this in complete truth, I don't have much to be in routine for. But if we thought like this then the world wouldn't work. I set myself little goals every day to help achieve some routine. They included. Going to bed and waking up the same time everyday, Making the bed opening blinds, Washing and dressing and it goes from there. If I have that in place then I'm usually set up for the day and keep motivated. People with low mood will struggle with day to day things and that includes me. So if you don't achieve that one day it isn't a big deal


When I say kindness I don't mean being kind to others (That's always nice though) I mean kindness to yourself, Your body and mind fights everyday. Don't be so hard on yourself when something doesn't go the way you want It too. Say nice things to yourself. Accept compliments don't brush them away. People say them for a reason. Be proud of who you are because the strength in you is way more then you can imagine. Treat yourself to things that you love, Delve into a book that you've wanted to read for ages. Have that lush bath. Just do something that is kind to you and your body.

This isn't really another tip but TOXIC people won't help your life. It dones't seem that they do much damaged but I'm telling you now they do more damage then you can see. I will leave that there for now because I'm going to do another post entirely on it.


  1. Very nice tips. It's really important to be able to focus on ourselves and the things we enjoy during times when we're feeling down. I hope you have a wonderful week, Amy. <3

    The Crimson Cardigan

  2. These are such great tips! Kindness especially! I've always loved routine even as a child, so for me taking a break from routine is so beneficial for me xx


  3. Exercise always helps me when i'm feeling down - despite hating it whilst i'm doing it, or taking hours to put gym clothes on. It always helps! Great post lovely x

    Abi | abistreetx