Thursday, 12 January 2017

Freedom / Pro Strobing kit


seo ceo Freedom pro strobing kit

Who doesn't love doing the whole face when they have time, Contouring highlighting have been something I have been loving. But finding products that are affordable but good quality is hard to come by. Especially if you're pale and not wanting that whole muddy look. QUITE  a lot of contouring products I have used have given me that look. Which is always so frustrating because it's so hard to blend in properly. So I've been on the look out. Well I have been on the look out for another palette just because I like to have more then one to use. The palette I'm going to be talking about today is one I've had around three months. Did I like it or was it another muddy experience for me.. LETS find out.


I've been using the palette for over 3 motnhs now and I can say that I really like it. It doesn't leave me muddy looking. It has 3 different shades to countour with. Which Is really helpful. I love the lighter shade because I don't like heavy contour on day to day basis. This does its job and blends really well. I have been using the highlight. I don't use this every day but I do love the glow it leaves. It is very in your face. I do love that sometimes but like I said not on a everyday basis. 


Another reason why I really love the set is because it comes with a contour brush. These brushes are amazing because they really get into the hollow of the cheek to create the perfect contour line. I've used normal brushes in the past but nothing compares to this. This has been used everyday since I got it. It also helps with the blending. for a palette and a contour brush this comes up to £10. Which is a incredible price and so affordable to many. It isn't just affordable its a really good product and does the job your after. I would definitely recommend this to all. From starting out with makeup to long time makeup users.  


  1. The post is great! I really love your blog:)

  2. Wow the brush looks really good and great value

    Mel ★