Friday, 9 December 2016

We're all MAD here ( A book by Claire Eastham )


I love reading but with quite high anxiety I don't get to read as much as I would like. Sometimes it's impossible to sit down for even 5 minutes. So finishing a book is such an achievement for me. When I saw that Claire had sent out a little tweet saying that she was looking for bloggers to review her new book. I jumped at the opportunity to review it.

I read this book in three days it was that good. I was hooked. I loved the purity and the openness of the book. With every chapter you could tell she poured her heart in this book and she should be so proud of herself for creating a book with so much knowledge. Books like this only work if you've been through it. Otherwise I think it doesn't work. I felt I was with her going through all the struggles she went through. I just wanted to hug her because I no what it's like to feel like nothing is going to get better. This book is a guide to living with social anxiety. The wittiness and the words she used made me want to carry on reading even if some parts did make me tear up.  That's the problem with Mental illness it makes you feel alone but in fact you aren't alone because so many people suffer these horrible illnesses.

With this book it made me feel like I had some good tips under my belt. With all the professionals I've seen none have been this helpful. And I'm saying that with complete truth. Her chapters are her life and her tips. She starts from the start of her ordeal and finishes on a chapter where she's two weeks from getting married. Life is a funny thing because even though you go through hell and you never see the light at the end of the tunnel but more times then not things get better. It takes weeks and weeks and even years for progress. Nothing happens overnight. And this book says it all that it's ok to ask for help. Even to going on medication. Its finding the right thing for you. This book is my holy grail when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm so glad I got this opportunity to read this and even know it was going to be a thing. I love it so much and I'm so proud of Claire and all her achievements. From being a sufferer to still having bad days to helping so many people feel less alone is the kind of people I want in my life. I definitely be up for being friends. Books like this have a purpose in everyone's life. If your a sufferer or to having someone in your life you want to help. Give this a read because you won't regret it. I always thought that I wouldn't find other people like me. I have found a whole army. After reading this book I feel Honoured to been giving a chance to read this. I'm going to leave a link on where you can find this. You wont regret It I promise. She's been on This morning and she's currently a best seller on Amazon. Just shows I'm not the only one who thinks this about We're all mad here.

A brilliant read that I will always have my head in when I'm feeling at my worst.

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