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Surviving london, (mental health)

SURVIVING LONDON (mental health)

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Like I said in my previous post I wanted to share my thoughts on how I coped with London. This trip has been the only trip I've done in years because of mental health related issue's and saying yes to this trip was such a big thing for me. But I wanted to change my life and saying yes to things will help me. I think the main reason of me not wanting to travel was things going wrong plays such a big thing in my mind and the anxiety loves it. So I just say no because I don't want to deal with it.
Saying YES  was the biggest thing I've done all year, I have had a bad year with mental health and its because I'm my own worst enemy. I won't do anything that scares me. And learning to do things that scare me is going to help me on my way. I've done some events this year which I was so scared about for a number of reasons but I ended up loving it. I think I get in ruts and that's when I'm at my worst that's when things go to pot. Craig suggested London and I was like god no I can't do that. I'm the worst for not believing in myself. I'm lucky I have someone in my life that does even though I do fight it.
So London. How did I cope with anxiety and low mood. Getting up that morning was the hardest for me and knowing that I wasn't going to be in the comfort of my own home for four nights really set me off.  I new I couldn't back out but I so wanted to. The amount of anxiety I had was making me feel unwell. And that made me a little unhappy and actually dragged me down. I couldn't believe that it was that bad. But once I met up with Craig he settled me down and made me realise that it was ok to feel like this but not to let it ruin everything. I kept asking questions to make sure everything was ok and that I new everything before making the trip just to safe guard me. One thing my anxiety does is make me think all the bad things are going to happen which makes my anxiety go crazy.

seo ceo london

But once we arrived in London I was in awe of the views and that made me forget about the anxiety. So it just proves that distraction is the way forward. The trip in its self was a ground breaking for me. London proved that saying yes wasn't a bad thing. And it's okay to enjoy myself even if I don't feel like it. I didn't have to survive London because I was in charge of my mental health. I didn't give in to the feelings. Because 1 I wanted to enjoy my trip with my boyfriend and 2 I don't want to live in that way anymore. I don't want to be scared to live. London made me feel free. I think one of the main reasons why it did was because I wasn't in my comfort zone. Sounds weird doesn't it. But I don't think comfort zones are always a good thing. I think it makes an excuse for me not to do anything and it gives me this reason to say no. Which isn't right at all. Saying yes to all that made me feel like I could do anything. And saying no is a wasted opportunity. I'm not saying I'm cured because I'm not I have such a long way to go with all my mental health issues. But at least I'm taking baby steps forward.

If you're in a situation were you want to do something but you're mental health is making you feel like you can't. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT. Don't let that control you and make you feel worthless. Because life is worth living and its so beautiful. I never thought I would say that but I am.
I didn't have to survive London because I was free and had the most amazing special time. And the memories created will stay with me and when I'm at my worst it will spur me on. Because now I know I can do anything.


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