Monday, 19 December 2016

Microblading // The Latest beauty trend.


"The queen of brows" Also know has Karen betts has 20 years of experience in the latest trend to hit the beauty world in 2017. And that trend is microblading. Some won't know what that is but others will. So what is it I hear you asking me. The easiest way to explain is Tattooed brows. Karen has built her own little empire to give you the best team to create the perfect brows. We all know how annoying and frustrating it is to get the perfect brow yourself. From over plucking them to over filling them. Making it look so unnatural. I feel you're pain. I either get one perfect or none at all. Very rarely I get a perfect brow.

We all think from time to time for something more permeant. The only thing that has stopped me is it going wrong and me looking like a complete numpty. But after reading how this is done and how affective it is I'm definitely thinking about getting them done.

This is how Karen explains how it's done.

" My technique involves using a small hand held device, with a very sharp blade at the bottom which is used to draw on small hair like strokes to the brows. These are drawn on in different lengths and directions using my KB PRO pigments that are designed to blend in with the clients natural hair colouring giving impeccable and unbeatable results. It is incredibly important to me and my team that the  brows we create suit the facial shape. Thickness and natural colouring of the person to make the brows look natural"    

Where can you get these done.

KB PRO has three clinics around the U.K LONDON, PONTEFRACT, CHESHIRE. These are the three places you can get you're brows done. Her elite team either use the micro blading technique or a permeant  cosmetic machine called the Noveau contour intelligent.

Karen betts is a successful business women who has done amazing work with Charites such as Katie piper foundation and that's not the only charity. She's gone on to do amazing work for Caroline's campaign, Breast friends and Haven. To help survivors who have burns or cancer to regain there confidence through micro blading expertise.

Karen has gone on to win awards such as Women of the year award at the Natwest 2014 every women awards. She is also the got to micro blading expert for countless of celebrity's. Gail porter is the latest celeb to be treated after losing her brows to Alopecia.

She also manages to have time to run successful brands. Nouveau beauty companies. Which includes the well known HD brows, Nouveau lashes and Nouveau contour brands.

I'm definitely going to think about having these done in 2017 because having one less makeup step to think about is very appealing to me. Especially getting the brows right. I'll definitely  update you all if I do.

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