Thursday, 1 December 2016

A trip to London.


seo ceo london trip

I went to London, Yes that amazing city that is full of promise and where dreams are made. The only time I've been to London before is when year 6 had a trip so as you can imagine from being a child to an adult is so different. Me saying yes to these big things is very unlike me. But I couldn't pass this up.  And I was right to say yes because I had a trip of lifetime. I didn't think I would like it but I ended up being in my element. The whole time was a smile and eager to do things which surprised me the most. As I tried to figure out what was the worst that could happen when I was there only made things worse. So I stopped saying that and actually lived for the moment. It actually helped that I didn't no London I couldn't know were we where going and that was just what I needed. I am going to be writing a TRIPS AND MENTAL HEALTH. post soon so more about that then.

seo ceo london trip

London was so beautiful, I wanted to capture everything but I chose a few shots that I wanted to include in this post. You just couldn't take a bad picture in London. so deciding was hard. As a newbie to London I wanted to visit all the famous landmarks and I think we achieved that which I was so glad about because it created memories in snapshots.

seo ceo london trip

The first thing we did was go on the emirates skyline. at first I didn't no what it was but it sounded scary. My first word to that was No way but I thought no I'm going to do this. How scary can it be. Craig reassured me that it was fine and he had done it before and I would be fine. And he was right. I wouldn't of got to experience the views and the beauty of it if I hadn't. I was so chuffed with myself and Craig was too which made me even more determined to do more. If you get the chance I really recommend it. Especially if you don't live in London.  

seo ceo london trip

I had to get a London bus picture. I wanted to get one while it was stopped but I didn't achieve that but I still got a shot which I was pleased about. 

This photo is my favourite one out of the lot well maybe one of the favourites. This is one of the biggest things I did on the trip and the thought of it was pretty scary and I wasn't going to do it. But I new I would regret it if I hadn't. Its one of those things isn't it. This was a river boat cruise. Me and Craig went to the top and it was so cold but we huddled up and it was just amazing. The views were insane. On that boat I had managed to fill up my memory on my phone and camera. It was just amazing. Was the happiest on that boat and I didn't think I would be.

seo ceo london trip
More photos from the cruise.

seo ceo london trip

Getting this photo took a couple of go's because I was being so fussy. But I'm glad I did because I got this. This is my favourite picture of me in London. I look so happy and content.

seo ceo london trip

You can't go to London and not have you're picture done in front of Buckingham. Unfortunately I was photo bombed by so many people but at least I got a picture. When we arrived I was in awe it's so beautiful. When we got there they were changing the guards around which was really lovely to see but very chaotic

seo ceo london trip

I really wanted craig to get pictures of the parade and he got some lovely ones and this one was my favourite out of them all..

We had the most wonderful time and It really felt like a trip of a lifetime. We did so much and I was so pleased that I did it and didn't give up on the first hurdle. It made me feel so powerful and in control. In London I was a different person. If I only had to say one word to sum up my feelings in London it would be FREE.

I'm so looking forward to going back and it wont be long at all. In fact I think we are spending new years there. So that will be pretty special.


  1. Looks like you had a fab time! I love London but I don't get to go there as much as I would like! x

    1. Aww thanks I really did, Hope you get back there soon.
      Thanks for commenting