Saturday, 29 October 2016

My first Lush event (Chrsitmas 2016)


My first lush event was everything I hoped it be and more. I've seen loads of people attend these before and they always looked amazing. So when I saw Lush had a up coming event were I lived . I emailed the lady in charge of the events and she kindly invited me. I met up with some lovely girls before which is always lovely. When we first went in we were handed a drink and were offered some nibbles. We were parted into groups and the lovely Lush staff were splitting between us all. It was so loud in the place that I didn't get hold of her name that was showing us around. But she was so lovely.

seo lush santa belly
The first product we were shown was Santa's Belly we were aloud to touch it and to smell the scent of it and it smelt divine. He smelt of apple and was so moisturising to the skin. After I touched it my hands felt silky smooth. I didn't pick this up but soon after I wished I had. Next time I'm in I'm getting it. It adds some festivity even though it's only October. You can never be to early right ?

seo lush spa vouchers
If you didn't know already lush Cardiff is opening a SPA. I was so excited when I heard that this was happening. Even though the spa isn't actually open yet, you can actually purchase the vouchers so a good idea for a Christmas presents. I've had a look through the booklet already and they all look amazing. A couple have caught my eye already. Go in lush and grab a booklet there in there now.

lush bath bombs chrsitmas seo
seo lush chrsitmas pud
seo lush golden wonder bath bomb

Next stop the bombs and the bubble bars. My favourite things. When I go into lush I go straight there. I love them so much. They made a bad day decent. They smell amazing and they moisturizer your skin so much. The first one we talked about was the  Luxury lush pud I didn't really like the smell of this one but not every smell can be your taste. The next one was the one I had last year and I loved it .Golden-wonder It smells of spiced orange and it has a little surprise waiting for you.

seo lush shimmy shimmy
seo lush goth fairy shimmer bar

These were by far my favourite. I love anything shimmery or that glows. So these were right up my street. I jumped at the opportunity to have this rubbed on my arm and I couldn't get enough of that shimmer on me. It seriously is beautiful and I'm planning on buying all of them because seriously you can never have to much glow. It literally lights up your life.

seo lush charity pot

I had to quickly mention the charity pot because it really is a good cause. Anything that helps any charity is worthwhile. And the girls really worded and sounded so humble and honest while talking about it. It's in you're lush stores now.

While I'm on the subject I wanted to talk about tribute David bowie who sadly passed away this year. I thought it was such a lovely idea. I didn't get a picture of it but pop in your local store to see it. It's so lovely.


Lip scrubs are another most talked about product. But I had never tried one. We played a game with these and we had to guess the flavours which was fun. They taste pretty nice but I don't suggest you eating the whole pot.

I had a really lovely time and was made to feel so welcome. All the girls were really lovely. I loved my first lush event. Can't wait till the next one.

I would also like to thank mel for letting me use her pictures. I didn't get any good ones so she was a life saver. Here is her link go and follow her. Mel's blog

I would like to thank Lush Cardiff on there warm welcome and most lovely staff and for the most generous goody bag. It was an amazing night filled with knowledge and good company.


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