Monday, 19 September 2016

Skincare / What I use.



Skincare isn't something I really have ever gotten into. For me it's always been makeup. But over the past couple of years. I have tried to get into a skincare routine. I was quite a lazy person when It came to taking my makeup off. So makeup wipes were the easiest to grab and remove the makeup. But I new I had to get a routine in place when my skin became problematic. I put it down to not having a skincare in place because I was very lucky and never had problematic skin when I was in my teens. But getting used to getting into that routine wasn't as easy as I was hoping. First skincare I used was the simple range. I do love that range but it really dried out my skin but I did love the no scent to the products. I then used some Liz Earle skincare items but I didn't get on with them so stopped using them. One day I was in Suprdrug and saw that Nivea items were on offer so I thought It was the perfect time to see if there products would work for me. Now I'm a month in and loving them. I do still sometimes reach for a wipe but were all human.

seo ceo skincare micerllar cleansing water nivea

The first thing I grabbed was this Nivea micellar water. I've been on and off with micellar waters since they came around. But never found one suitable for my skin. But this one is really lovely. It really softens the skin and also gives my face a cool down after removing all the makeup. I needed something to help with dryness and tightness and this has helped massively. It does have a scent so if you have really sensitive skin I wouldn't advise but other then that It's a good makeup remover and does so much better then makeup wipes. You can get this in any Drug store and


As I've got older my skin has got so dry.  I could never really find a moisturiser to help combat the dryness. First of I got a tinted moisturiser and once again Amy didn't read the label and only got hold of the  Day cream bit. So I had to go back and grab one that was not tinted. I really needed a thick moisturiser because my skin just drinks it up and 5 mins later it's back to it's usual state. This one really has worked well for me and has hydrated my skin really well and I think I will keep going with this one and repurchase it. I do go back and forth with this one and my simple one when I'm wanting a more subtle moisturise.

ceo seo nieva rich night cream

At the grand age of 24 I've just started using night moisturiser. Because I wasn't really into skincare I thought this was a pointless step. But I couldn't of been more wrong if I tried. I'm so glad I picked this up. I lather my skin in this just before I settle down for the night. And in the morning my face feels so refreshed and actually healthy. It doesn't have such a dull look which it used too. Yet again I've gone for a rich moisturiser because of how dry my skin is. I would actually say this is my favourite out of the lot. And I can see myself using this for a long time.


This is my first and last step. I use the hand sanitizer just before I pop my skincare on. It's no good applying after touching load of other things because you will spread germs. And the Nivea lip balm is my last step. My lips get extra dry at night and even more dryer after wearing liquid lipsticks. So this is always needed.

Nivea is fast becoming my favourite brand. There products pleasantly surprised me. I definitely be recommending there products. 

I know this is a very simple skincare routine. But I have just dipped my toes in this beauty regime and I don't want to be spending lots of money just yet. I just want to enjoying the cheaper side of skincare and when the months and years go on I will mostly be going on to the more expensive side to see what they have to offer. And also I don't see anything wrong with using something that works for you. With that I mean from cheaper to more expensive. 

What's your favourite skincare product and you're favourite skincare brand.


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