Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Seventeen Bronzers/ My favourite three.

                   MY FAVOURITE THREE

CEO SEO Seventeen bronzing products
I was going to give these bronzers a separate review each but I thought I would do all of them together. Since I started with makeup around the age of 16 one of my favourite products was bronzer. At that age I wasn't as clued up on it and it led to me looking a little bit orange. The first one I purchased was one from body care. It had to different sides with different shades with a little brush in the middle. I can't remember any others I used after that. I started really getting into bronzers when the whole contouring came about. That's when I learnt how to apply it properly and how much to use. Ever since then I've become obsessed and I'm always on a look out for new ones. 

I'm going to be honest here and say that seventeen wasn't a brand I really new about it was only when I was having a look in boots a couple of years I ago I came across them and was intrigued to see how good the brand was. I brought a couple of bits and loved them. But my favourites have been these bronzers. Here's why I love them.


CEO SEO seventeen bronzing rocks

This was the first bronzing item from seventeen I used. Well at first I was a little worried about using it because it was the first time for me using bronzing rocks. I didn't know how the application of it was and how messy they were. This really is a gorgeous product. From the glass bottom to the different pinks and bronze shades. When I first used it I stuck my brush in and gave it a good old coating. But I soon realised you really don't need to get so much product on the brush because of how pigmented it is. I was looking rather orange after my first go. But after that I soon got used to how these rocks worked and after that they became a frim favourite. You do need to be careful for the fall out unless I'm just a messy person. I use this to contour when I'm looking for more shimmer in my life and it wow I shimmered, It also makes a good highlight if you like those shades as a highlighter I don't use it as that. But I really love this and will be buying it again.


Seventeen bronzing shimmer brick

This picture has really done this product justice. It really is this beautiful and more. For the price of this I really can't believe the beauty of this. It's full of shimmer and is so pigmented. Literally one swipe and that's enough. I haven't used this one as much as the other one but when taking pictures of it I think I fell in love with it. When I do use it I use it for contour. And on night's out when I'm tanned I use it on my legs and arms and neck to get some shimmer on my body. Also what I've been loving at the moment is using bronzer as eyeshadow. I usually use my urban decay bronzer but if I wanting something more shimmery I use this and make a light shimmer smoky eye. That's what I love about bronzers like this they can be used for a number of different things.


SEO CEO seventeen cream bronzer

This one isn't as pretty as the others but its the most effective if you really want to go to town on the contouring and creating a shape. I'm going to be honest here cream anything gives me some fear. I always worry it won't blend well or it not sit well on me. I picked this one up because of the price. Because if I didn't get it on with it I wouldn't of wasted so much money. But surprisingly I really love it and blends so well. How I use this is I apply it to my bare skin to create the contoured look I want. For me that's how it works best. I then apply my foundation and the contoured shape is there. I only need to touch up the contour with a powder based bronzer when I've finished all my makeup to give it that extra something. 

SEO CEO Bronzers seventeen swatches

I swatched them to show you what they look like on skin. They really are gorgeous. The shimmer brick is my favourite. Which is the middle swatch.

Seventeen is brand I have grew to love. From there prices to the products itself. I can't wait to build my collection up.

what's your favourite product of Seventeen.


  1. I have the exact same issue with cream products, I get terrified and 99% of the time I don't apply them correctly and they make my foundation move and look pathchy! I have to say I love the loose of the bronzing pebbles! I haven't seen that at the Seventeen counter! xx

    1. That's me. But like I said I've been surprised at this product. They are gorgeous. Ahh that's a shame. They aren't new. Hope you manage to get one soon.
      Thanks for commenting

  2. I'm not really a fan of cream products but the tones in this one looks like it would be fab for contouring. The bronzing rocks appeal to me the most, simply because I don't have anything like that in my collection! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. It really is. You should get some because they really are lovely and one of my favourites
      Thanks for commenting.