Friday, 8 July 2016

My NYX collection so far.


nyx ceo beauty lips porducts higlighter

I wanted to try something new on my blog. Once again I've found a new brand that I've become obsessed with. And have started a little collection of products from that brand. So I was thinking of doing the same with every brand from now on. I think it will be helpful to the people who haven't tried anything from these certain brands. Today's Collection so far Is from Nyx a brand I've become so fixed on. Not one product I've tried has disappointed me. It's a brand that I've wanted to try for ages. I remember first hearing about this brand when American beauty Gurus took part in the Nyx face awards on YouTube. Finally a couple of months ago I started my collection. I know this is still pretty small. But I'm not one to usually keep buying from a brand so this to me is a collection. I'm also wanting to pick up some more of there products.

NYX Lip products ceo

BUTTER gloss  (Angel food cake)
LINGERIE'S liquid lipsticks (embellishments) (Bedtime flirt)
INTENSE butter gloss (Tres leches)
LIQUID suede (cherry skies)

NYX lip products is the reason I wanted to try this brand. I was totally "Goggle eyed" when ever someone posted a picture or a swatch. They all looked so beautiful. As you can see from the pictures all the shades apart from one is nudes. That's my go to lip shade and I know I would wear them non stop. I am going to be doing separate reviews on these. But I can tell you now they are amazing. I waited a while to get my hands on the NYX lingerie's and they were worth the wait. I hadn't heard about the intense butter glosses but one of my really good blogger friend Charlotte from  Second swatch kindly gave me this and one other product for my birthday. It definitely is more extreme then the normal butter glosses. My verdict on the NYX lip products is a big thumbs up. They come in from £6.50 which is AMAZING.

nyx darck circle corrector ceo
NYX CEO highliting

I'm not one to usually change my face products up. I stick to what I know once I find a product I love. I hadn't heard a lot about NYX face products before. I thought I would try some bits. To see if I could find anything I would fall in love with. That's the thing with face products they really are a hit and miss. These two products are a massive hit and I'm so glad I picked them up. I love highlighting so much recently. I use this to give me some glow. The second product is a dark circle corrector. That's something I struggle with and could never find a concealer which would cover what I wanted. This is a god send. It's so pigmented and covers my circles. I also use it as a concealer to cover blemishes.

CEO nyx  eye shadow cayon

NYX eye products is up there with the lip products. They do so many gorgeous shades. This was the second product that charlotte brought me. I hadn't used a eye shadow crayon before so I was intrigued to see how it would work. I've used it three times so far. I love the shade so much. It's right up my street and something I would use everyday if I wasn't lazy. At the moment I use bronzer on my lids which creates a look in less then 5 seconds. Anyways lets get back to the this eye crayon. I think it's really good and worth trying. One thing I'm not liking is that it creases. But I think that's because all the times I 've used  I haven't primed my eyes.

So the verdict so far on NYX is a big thumbs up for me and I would recommend anyone to try it out. From the price to the quality's of the products. I definitely definitely recommend the lip products.



  1. NYX is a great brand isn't it? I love their lip products especially. You got some great things, have you tried their brow pencils? My daughter is a mua and uses them all the time on herself and clients, they are the ones with the spoolie on one end, she said they are just as good as the mac ones but last a lot longer :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. It really is. They are my favourites. No I haven't. I actually haven't seen them. They sound amazing. Thanks so much for mentioning them. Will have a look.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. I love nyx products I especially love their lip pencils and their gloss in natural

    1. I Haven't tried either of them. But I will pick one up next time. Thanks for the recommendation.
      Thanks for commenting

  3. I really need to get my hands on some NYX lip products - they look great! <3

    Gisforgingers xx