Friday, 29 July 2016

Learning to drive.


Learning to drive is one of the most skills you kind of need if you want to get to A -B without relying on public transport. As we all know that isn't always reliable


Today I'm going to be talking about my first lessons and why I want to go back to it. At 18 I bravely booked a couple of lessons because I really wanted to get on the road and have the freedom of what driving gives you. When the time came to step into the car I was so nervous and I think I spent the first lesson on edge. At that point in my life I was struggling really bad with anxiety and struggled to do most things. But I really wanted this. I guess to call it a achievement. I lasted another three lessons. They were ok but my driving instructor wasn't the best and didn't understand my worries of the basic things. In the end I just felt I couldn't carry on with her because I knew we wouldn't of got on and she wouldn't of helped me pass my test which is a shame because it's something I really wanted to do. But I also new that anxiety played a massive part in it and it just wouldn't work.

So I took the decision to stop all together just because it was the best thing I could of done. But right now I'm READY to get back onto the road and start what I started again. Because If I don't do it now when am I going to do it. But yet again the worry came in about finding the perfect instructor/ But I've found the perfect website to help meBook learn pass You can book your driving lesson to booking your first few lessons. Which I find amazing because it leaves some of the  hassle of ringing around. I'm just about ready to book my next couple of lessons to get me back on to the road. Hopefully by early next year I will be having the freedom of my own car and actually driving.

*This is in collaboration with book learn pass*


  1. Good on you lovely! With my current mental health condition I can't drive but hopefully one day in the future xx

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    1. Thanks lovely. I really hope you manage it in the future.
      Thanks for commenting