Saturday, 16 July 2016

Do adult colouring books help with ANXIETY.


Colouring books. Something I did when I was so much younger and like most people I out grew them so many years ago. A couple of years back they brought out "Grown up" colouring books. For adults to find there creativity and to use them as a distraction and many other things. When they first came out they were quite expensive. It was a year later till I got one for myself and they were still on the pricy side. (£3.50) I don't remember them being that expensive but maybe because I didn't buy them back in the day. A year later every were sells them and even the pound shop stock them which is amazing. Because you don't want a lot of money spent on them if you don't have to. Today's post Is going to be. Do colouring books help with anxiety.

CEO colouring books for grown ups anxiety

I'm a sufferer of Anxiety and over the past couple of years its gone from bad to really bad. Nothing would distract me and I was always on edge not being able to focus on anything. I thought I would get one of these to see if it would help. Because I will try anything once to get some relief from it. So does it work. Well it's been hit and miss. Sometimes I can focus and other times I bring it out and put it back were it came from because I couldn't think of any thing worse. It all depends on how bad the anxiety is. If you can figure out when it's hanging around and ready to set off then it's the time to distract. That's when the colouring really helped me. What didn't work for me was when I tried to do it when I was in a full blown attack. If I'm in the house then I do try and distract as much as I can but this I didn't find helpful maybe because it does needs some concentrating and when you are having a attack that's something you don't have.

 The things I found helpful from it. It gives you something else to think about. This might sound a little silly but what markers your going to use and what page your going to pick. It's such a distraction. To think of something else rather then the evilness of anxiety. It's a breath of fresh air at times. Also the colouring in makes you so peaceful. It calms you down. From being close to a attack to 15 minutes later your back to your normal self.

I will say this again and will say it and say it. I never once could achieve this during a attack. It was something I couldn't do. But it does help just before one. everyone is different. What helped me might not help you. But what didn't work for me might work for you. All I can say is try It. These days you can get a colouring book and a pack of felt pens for £ 2. So very very affordable.

CEO colouring book for grown ups felt tips

Have you tried colouring. Did it help you.


  1. I don't really suffer with anxiety much but I love colouring, sometimes when I'm stressed they really help me relax xo

    1. I'm so glad you don't. Yes it's great for loads of things. I do it to when I'm stressed as well.
      Thanks for commenting