Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May beauty Favourites.


1st of June. How crazy is that. We are 6 months into the year. Today I'm going to be doing a beauty favourites because I haven't done one in a while. I don't do them often because usually my favourites don't change that much. But the month of May I got quite a few new products that have become firm favourites.
My first favourite is this NYX illuminator. I use this as highlight and I love the glow it gives me. It lasts all day. I was looking into getting a high end highlighter but now I'm not going to bother. Because it was such a good a good price and it's a really good product. This comes in at £8.50 and you can get it online or if you have a counter in Boots.
Being someone who doesn't get a lot of sleep. I'm always rocking the dark circle look. The concealers I was using wasn't giving me the coverage that I needed. So when I saw this I was intrigued to see if it worked so I picked it up and was hoping for the best. Well It must of worked because it's in my May favourites. This has become one of the products I use in my Every day makeup routine. I love the coverage it gives me so much. Goodbye dark circles.
With someone who has extremely dry skin I was finding no Moisturiser was doing the job. My mum actually gave me this because she's a firm Liz earle user. Since using this my skin hasn't been dry once. I use it day and night and I love the glow it gives me. It's a pretty heavy duty moisturiser which I love because I can feel it doing it's work. I'm definitely going to be picking up this again. 
Like my dry skin I also have dry lips for the most part. and I always need a trusty lip balm with me. I also wear some drying lipsticks so this is brilliant to use after I remove it. This is also my first lip balm I haven't lost. Go me.
This was in my favourites last time and I just get enough of it. Since I got this I haven't used any brow products. This does the job amazingly well. What I also love about this product is that you can actually use them as eyeshadows to. Many of times I have used this to create a smoky eye.

This will always be in my favourites because this is my favourite foundation. I Love the glow it gives I also love that its high coverage and I love the lasting power of it. I can put it on in the morning and it still be on when I go to remove It.

Last but not  least is one my newest lipsticks. I get so excited that I own a Tom Ford lipstick. It's the perfect shade and it goes on so beautifully. The packaging is so gorgeous too.  It's so pigmented and it's become a firm favourite. My lovely Boyfriend actually surprised me with this for a early birthday present.



  1. Such lovely favourites! I really want to try on of the NYX illuminators! I've wanted that Tanya Burr brow kit for ages too haha. Love the Tom Ford, it just feel so special doesn't it :) xx

    1. You should get your hands on one. They are so lovely. I couldn't be without that palette. it's so special. So special I don't want to use it a lot.
      Thanks for commenting

  2. I don't know why, but I swear I'm the only one who hasn't tried the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, and I've only heard great things about it! Thank you for the tip on the Liz Earle product, I have really dry skin as well, and every time I feel as if I have a new holy grail moisturiser, my skin starts getting used to it and I need to switch it up! xx

  3. I bought myself a Tanya Burr eye shadow palette too, I have the 'Galaxy Eye Palette' and even though I'm not a fan of hers personally (nothing against her I've just never really watched her videos on YT or anything) I am a massive fan of the eye shadows. I'm gonna buy more, and I think the one you mentioned about is the next one on my list! :) Great post babe <3

    With love, Alisha Valerie. xo

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