Sunday, 1 May 2016

Make-up Revolution Haul


I haven't been on the Blogging scene for well over a month. Today I wanted to come back and start posting on my little corner of the web. So I was thinking of what I wanted to post. And even though I have plenty of posts I want to blog about. I wanted to come back in with something very easy. And who doesn't love a good old haul. I love this time of year because Boot's and Super drug have 3 for 2 and even though I didn't need anything. I still managed to pick up some bits. Always the way when these deals are on. Way to good to miss.

I love Make-up revolution. So affordable and they do the loveliest of products. I'm always wanting something but I always refrain from buying all the time because I really don't need it. But today I really needed a pick me up. So here are the three products I picked up. 


I love Make-up Revolution eye palettes. And even though I didn't need need another Neutral palette i picked it up because I saw all the shades and new they would be put to good use. I couldn't of left that on the shelve! look at it. This came in at £8 which is so good for a palette let alone with 32 shades. I have swatched a couple of shades already and they are so PIGMENTED. First impressions will be up in the next couple of weeks.


Unfortunately I couldn't find this on Super drug's website but they do have plenty in store. I've got so into contouring and highlighting recently and when I saw this and the price I new I had to have this. I don't like spending to much money on things that I might get bored of doing in a couple of months so this is perfect. I will let you all know how I get on with this..


These reminded me so much of the Two Faced sweethearts blush. But the fraction of the price. This is so beautiful I swatched in the shop and new I was going to get it. Last one to. So they must be popular. The colours so so gorgeous. I'm looking forward to giving this a good try. And how gorgeous is the packaging.

That's the end of the haul. I thought I would tell you as long as the 3for2 you also get triple points and a free gift if you spend so much. So it's all going on at Super drug.

Have you picked anything up yet in the 3for2 deals.


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