Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My go to spring lipsticks.

Pinks have grown on me so much these past couple of months. Now spring has sprung I've picked out my two favourite lipsticks and lip-glosses. Over the past year or so I've been so into my nudes I've not really picked up any other colour apart from a plum every now again. Recently I've cleaned out all my makeup and found all my pink shades. So much fun swatching them and deciding what suits you and what doesn't.

The ones I loved are such pretty shades and I've been wearing them on and off so far this spring but I can tell these are going to be carrying on with me during summer as well. I didn't just pick out lipsticks I also picked out two lip glosses.


MAC/ Flamingo £15.50

I had brought this one this time last year. The same time I had brought Brave. I fell in love with Brave instantly and I really didn't like this one at first. So it went to the back of my collection. But towards the end of summer last year I started getting more use out of it and the shade grew on me. This year I dug it out again and fell in love with the shade. I would describe this as a pinkie orange and it does come out  very light. Which you wouldn't think by looking at the lipstick. I would say this is the perfect shade for S/S


Unfortunately I couldn't get the link for there range but they do stock it in all New Look stores. I picked this one up late last autumn. One because I love trying different makeup and two I couldn't pass a pretty pink lipstick. I think these shades are pretty similar. But this one is slightly more pinkish and so much darker when it's applied to the lip. I also find this one more moisturizing on the lips. The shade is Shell pink and it's definitely going to be a staple this S/S.



I'm not sure if Tanya sell's this one by itself. But this one was in her Christmas makeup bag. But I have linked her products so you can find a lip-gloss you like. This one is also a small sized. The other ones are full sized. I've never been one for lip gloss. Just because of the stickiness of it and all your hair stuck to the lips. But this one doesn't do that. It settles nicely on the lips. It's also a very light shade. The bottle is very deceiving because the product is that bright. But I love how subtle this on my lips. I've recently worn this with a quite heavy eye look and this on the lips. I love the look.


My last but not least lip product is one of my favourite glosses I own. You could easily wear this as a lipstick and totally get away with it. The colour is pigmented and full of shine to give your lips a glow. I've been wearing this one the most. Just because of the shade and how un sticky it is. I do own a couple more of these glosses and I'm not disappointed with them. Like with all the rest of these lip products I can tell this gloss is going to be reached for a lot.

What's your favourite shade to wear in S/S.


  1. Flamingo caught my eye! I really need to get a bright pink lipstick for the Spring/Summer and it looks gorgeous! I am yet to try some of Tanya's lipglosses, I've heard great things, like how you said that they don't stick to your hair (which happens to me far too often!) I'm thinking of picking up Finding Nemo from her range! xx


    1. You should get it! They really are amazing. That's a gorgeous shade.
      Thanks for commenting

  2. Flamingo is gorgeous! Definitely the perfect Spring shade:)

    Emily xo

    1. It definitely is. I've been wearing it non stop.
      Thanks got commenting.