Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Yankee candles. S/S Scents.


Yankee candles are one of my guilty pleasures. I love buying them and I love seeing the new ones arrive. I must admit that I can never settle on buying the bigger ones just in case I go of the scent and stop using it. Which is a waste of money because they are quite pricy. Instead I buy the samples because they are super adorable and you can buy so many scents. If your are like me then it's so much better.


I would say this is my favourite one. I'm not one usually one for sweet flavours. but this one caught my eye. First of all the colour then I smelt it and was like I have to have this one. I would say it smells really fruity. I love how the mixture of the flavours are mixed so well. So you can smell both of the scents.


This one is so different. This is the scent that I typically go for. It's such a fresh scent with a hint of sweetness. I don't know if this actually smells like Sea paradise but if does then it's beautiful. I love these scents for my bedroom because it's so subtle.  


Have you ever gone through a field full of flowers on a summers day. If you have then this Is what this candle smells like. It's so gorgeous. And I did even think it would come remotely close to smiling of it. But I was pleasantly surprised. I will be picking more of these up.

They are perfect spring colours and are perfect S/S scents. I Got these at Tesco's homeware bit and they cost a £1 such good value.


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