Sunday, 20 March 2016

What's in my Everyday makeup bag.

When I was younger. I literally used to carry everything with me from hairspray to perfumes. Even if I needed it or not. Over the past couple of years I've really cut down on what I take. Because lets be honest I really don't need 10 different lipsticks.

For Christmas this year I received this gorgeous Ted Baker Makeup bag. It's so pretty so I'm wary on what I carry with me because I don't want it ruined. I'm not sure if you can get this bag still because I think it's  a Christmas collection. But Ted Baker do so many gorgeous ones on there website.

So what do I carry with me..

I always carry a lipstick of what I'm wearing that day because I always like to touch up. Especially if I'm going out for something to eat.

This is a new thing I've started but I've started to carry my bronzer that I'm wearing that day. I always carry it just in case. Most times I don't bother touching up. But if I do then its there.

If I'm carrying my bronzer then I'm going to be carrying around a makeup brush. The one I have here is a Real Techniques contour brush.

Something I always have weather it's in my bag or in my makeup bag if it fits is something to spray myself with. I always like to freshen up when i  get the chance. Especially with the warmer weather coming up.

A makeup bag wouldn't be complete if it didn't have a compact mirror in. Mines the prettiest one I've ever owned. Just because I'm so clumsy and break things. But so far so good. You can get compact mirrors from anywhere. Primark do a good range.

The last bits is some clips and bobbles. My hair has gotten so long. So if I'm wearing mine down it's always nice to have them in case I want it up or clipped back..

What do you carry in your every day makeup bag?


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