Friday, 11 March 2016

Spring Primark Homeware haul

I've been blogging now for almost 5 years on and off. But I've never invested in a camera for it. This year I really wanted to take my blog more seriously and wanted to purchase one. I decided on a Canon SX610HS. So far I'm loving it. It's improved my photos so much.

So yes! I Popped into primark and went straight to the homeware bit. Once I get there I can't help my self. Primark has upped there game this year and I'm needing all of it. But I decided on these bits. For S/S I wanted to brighten my room up a little.

DUVET SET £11.00

I'm LOVING these sets. They had it in a blue print but as I want colourful I went with this gorgeous colour and print. I love Primark's bedding. It's so lovely and so affordable.

CANDLE £1.00

I can't go into Primark and not pick up a candle. That would be so wrong on so many levels. I opted for this pink one. The scent is Grapefruit but in my opinion it smells like bubble gum. I love Primark candles


I have wanted one of those for ages. But I could never find one that was reasonably cheap. I didn't want to go and spend more then I had too. So when I popped in. I was so happy to see they had them in. At first I thought they only had black but they White. So I quickly popped it into my basket.


Every time I go into Primark and I mean every time. I come out with one of these cute signs. This one reminded me of the coming S/S so had to have it. And it was so cheap couldn't say no to that.


I really wanted some fairy lights to go on my head board. Primark always have some lovely ones to choose from. I chose these pink paper ones because it was going with the theme I wanted. But I really wanted the elephant ones. So I think I'm going to pop in there and pick them up as well. You can't have to many fairy lights.

I love going to Primark. It's literally one of my happy places. I love to browse and sometimes buy. I love the bits I got.


  1. That Duvet set is amazing I love it! So bright! I love the A to I want an O!! Xx

    1. Same it's gorgeous. You should pop into Primark to see if they have it.
      Thanks for commenting

  2. Primark are amazing for home stuff at the moment! It's a shame my local one stocks next to nothing though :( X
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

    1. Totally agree. I had the same problem when I lived in my last home town. You should travel to nearest one to you have some spendy time :)
      thanks for commenting.