Tuesday, 8 March 2016

6 months on..

6 months on...

Six months has flown by. Six months me and my family decided to move 2 hours away from our hometown. I guess you can call it  a Fresh start . We moved from Hereford which is tiny little town to Cardiff Wales which is a massive city. I  think we were all ready for something new. But I guess there was always a little worry about how everything would be once we moved. I'm no newbie to moving.

Through out my childhood I lived in Scotland then to Dubai. In Dubai we moved a couple of times to different houses. As children I think you settle better because it's more of a adventure. Once you reach adulthood everything Is slightly different and I if say so myself a little scary. when we first arrived it was amazing and so exciting getting to know the place and settling in. Cardiff is MASSIVE. And it seemed that there was so much more advantages of living here. I have to mention the  shopping centre because it's amazing.  But thing's haven't been to good since living here.

Settling in and making new friends is something I have found really difficult. When your young and you move you have the advantages of School and College to make friends or even to socialise. But as a adult you don't have that. I'm currently looking for a job. So I can't even make friends that way. It does get extremely lonely. But I'm hoping to make some friends while living here.

Cardiff is a beautiful place. But it wasn't what I was expecting. It's been a struggle to get any help for my mental health which I find so disheartening. I guess I have only lived hear for Six months which is basically no time.

We have extended the house contract to stay here for another year. I'm hoping this year is so much better and I get so many experiences out of living somewhere new.  

Like anything new. It takes time to get used to things. I'm hoping in finding a job very soon and socialising and doing more new things.

Hopefully in 6 months everything Is different.

Have you ever moved. How have you coped. Any advice. 


  1. Hi I'm not sure if your using a new font or if I've only just noticed but I like it!
    I definitely get what you mean about making new friends I find it very hard too and I'm a relatively out going person who works! Have you looked for any classes you could go to? Or maybe attend a local library or coffee shop to blog? If you go often enough people will remember you and you might make friends that way? Good luck with the job search and if I can help or support then do let me me know (I'd be happy to look over your cv / job app form) just dm me on Twitter it you need or want it. Good luck. 😀 X

    1. Hey Gemma. No I haven't been I don't think. But thank you. I am going to try vounterring. I think it's a good way to make friends. I will definitely try these recommendations. Oh thank you so much lovely.
      Thanks so much for commenting