Sunday, 28 February 2016

Romanticizing Mental illness. My thoughts.

This a subject I've wanted to write about for a while. But I've put it off and off but today I've decided to write about it  because I think it's very Important. The subject is Romanticizing Mental illness. This is a thing I've seen through out social media for many years. But I would say it's got worse over the past couple of years. It's really worrying at how many people use the internet for them reasons. I would say Tumblr and Instagram are the worst culprits. But I have also seen it on Twitter and Facebook.

So what are my thoughts on the Subject..

Mental illness ruin lives. Full stop. It's not cool, beautiful or Poetic. It's a disease that ruins plenty of peoples lives. The darkness looms over you constantly it makes you feel that nothing will ever get better. It takes the good out of everything. It won't disappear by meeting the right person and nor will it disappear by using social media. I think my biggest problem with this is it makes mental illness seem like nothing and it not being that bad. Ohh they can just get over it. But that's not the case

Writing depressing quotes on Tumblr or posting triggering
  content with "cute" captions isn't going make things better. Not every person with MH issues wear black little dresses or smoke or encourage people to do things that aren't healthy. It's more then that. Its so much more. It goes deeper and deeper then any quote or any black and white picture with a depressing caption. Mental illness poisons your thoughts. Every day is a struggle. Stepping out of your bed every morning is a struggle facing the world is a struggle. Nothing is beautiful or poetic.

It seems these days the sadder the caption or the worst triggering picture the better which is so sad. I hope this fades quickly just as quickly as It came up. BECAUSE. this isn't healthy. What's more worrying Is people clicking on these sites and thinking this is normal behaviour and thinking they can do all this stuff which will help them and then join with it all. Also the content is very triggering. Some don't have warnings on. Instagram is the worst for not putting warnings.

I wish this would all stop. I wish I would never would have to see a picture that should of never been uploaded. We live in a very sad world were people think its cool to have all this. Or they want it to make them seem more interesting or unique. It's very disruptive.

DON'T Self diagnosis. Go to a doctors who will do that for you. I'm not saying the people behind all this Romanising aren't suffering from mental illness. I'm just saying stop posting things that aren't beautiful or cool or unique or finding a person to love will cure you. The only thing that will cure you is getting the right help. Posting triggering content will only cause more damage to YOU and to everyone that clicks on the content.

Romanticising Mental illness will never be appropriate. I hope soon this won't be a "thing" because mental health is a serious problem that should be dealt with. Not being glamorized all over the internet.


  1. The whorst part is when people don't understand that what they talk about is mental illness bacuse of how romanticized it is.
    I went so many years thinking how I felt was normal becasue I was told that you should have anxiety as a teen. And then I grew up and it didn't go away. And now I'm 30 soon and feel that I have missed so much of my life because I didn't take my feeling seriously.
    Well written./love Ida

    1. Totally relate to everything you've said. All mental iliness is important. Even if you are a teenager. I'm sorry that this happened.
      Thanks so much for commenting

  2. This was really relatable. I had a history of depression when I was younger and I remember having to take time off of social media ESPECIALLY Tumblr because of how they perceived MH to look like. It was very triggering. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject. Many people are afraid to do so.