Tuesday, 16 February 2016

My top 3 favourite Drugstore palettes.

Top 3 favourite drugstore palettes.

Like my obsession with lipsticks I also have one with palettes. Even though most of them are quite the same I still enjoy looking at palettes and mostly picking up the drugstore ones. Just because they are so much more friendly for my back account. I do like to splurge every now and again with High end palettes. I was looking through my makeup collection the other day and realised I only reach for 3 palettes. And some are more used then others. I think I need to stop buying palettes especially drugstore and use the ones I've got up. But that's for another day lets get onto my Top 3 favourite drugstore palettes.

L'OrĂ©al LA PALETTE/ROSE  £14.99

I got this palette a while ago and this one is my most reached one. I love the shades and how pigmented they are. I also love how compactable they are. As you can see from the pictures its incredibly worn because I use it when I travel. This is quite on the pricy side for a drugstore palette. But I recommend it. Not only does it have shades you can use everyday but you could also use it if you were going out for the night. You can create the perfect smoky eye or a subtle look. I love playing around with the shades and tying different looks out. If you aren't keen on the shades you can also pick up The same palette but in Beige and that's more neutral shades. Same price and same packaging..


I was hoping to link this palette but I can't seem to find it on the website. But I saw the other ones on there and they are selling It for £4.00 which is amazing priced. I got mine in store (Super drug) Under a year ago. At the beginning I didn't like it. But it soon become one of the most used palettes I use. I actually got this one because I had broke my Naked 3 and couldn't afford to replace it and someone recommended me this one. It very similar which I love. It's pigmented and full of pinks golds and darker shades.


This is my newest palette to the collection. And wow it's amazing. I didn't actually know Maybelline were bringing out new palettes until I received  this for Christmas. The shades are so beautiful and really pigmented. They actually stay on the lid for a pretty decent time and don't fade which I find  some drugstore palettes do. It's really good priced. I recommend this anyone. My sister brought this because she's not really a makeup person. I suggested this to her and she loves it. Plenty of shades to create different eye looks and also you can carry this around with you because it's pretty compact. Maybelline is one of my favourite brands for drugstore makeup and this definitely didn't disappoint.

What's your favourite Drugstore palette


  1. I love the look of these, the Maybelline one has really caught my eye!xo