Monday, 22 February 2016

Mental health. Mental health APPS.

Mental health APPS

This is all new to me. When I first started having mental health problems I don't even think people had a choice of different APPS on there phones. That might make me sound a little old. I'm only 23 I promise.  That's why I say this is all new to me. Today I'm going to share my thought's on them.

I think it's amazing that mental health suffers can easily access support and get some advice or just generally make friends with people who are going through similar experiences as them. I've downloaded a few just to see what they've got to offer and some of it is very triggering and people should be warned before using the sites. But I've also found some of them can be very helpful and informative. I think as a Adult I find them okay to use and can handle my emotions when I'm on the sites but they can also be very harmful.

The apps that I've found helpful

7 cups of tea

What does 7 cup s have to offer.

I think this is one of the best apps out there. I think it's very useful. Especially if you are in need to talk to someone. They offer FREE and confidential ( If you are at risk of hurting yourself or others then that can be broken) conversations with trained listeners. I basically describe it as a Samaritans but text version. People that have trouble with speaking on phones but need support I would suggest this app. It's available on all devices.


I know a lot of people use this one. And myself I have found this useful. This one is for Anxiety suffers or people struggling with sleep. It's basically mindfulness with mediation. It has different levels and also different mediations you can do. From trouble sleeping to Anxiety struggles. I used to hate anything mindfulness and didn't believed it would work. But I love this app and it does work if you get yourself in to that mind set.


Project toe

 I found this app very triggering. It doesn't have any filters so people can put anything they want. And some of that is very triggering content. It's like a Facebook but for mental health suffers. You can like the status or comment with something helpful. I think this app would become more better if it was more filtered and there was someone to watch what people are putting on there.

Talk life

Yet again this is app is people who are struggling left to post what they want. So I would say its very triggering. I'm also not very big on helping people with mental health when you are suffering with mental health problems. I think sometimes these sites can be more damaging then helpful.

I've deleted the apps that aren't helpful and I've kept the ones that worked. This was my experience on them and everyone is different. Out of them all I would really recommend  7 cups. Just because It really does give you the support that you might need on hand.

Have you tried any Mental Health Apps. Would you recommend any.


  1. I was recommended the Calm app while I was having CBT and I found it really helpful for when my anxiety is high, or if I'm just trying to calm down to help me sleep! Wow 7 cups of tea sounds really good and this is coming from someone who gets anxious talking to people on the phone so I'll have to try that one out one day.

    Great post Amy!

    Ali :)
    Ali Caitrin

  2. These all sound awesome, I need to try them out X
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  3. I use CALM and I love it. Never heard of 7 cups though - I think I'm going to download it and also recommend it to a friend who's struggling at the moment. This was a really helpful post - thank you!

    Hana | ♥