Wednesday, 3 February 2016

January Beauty Favourites 2016


So just like that the first month of 2016 has finished. January has been a month of falling in love with different things. Today I wanted to share my beauty favourites. These have been my most go to products.


I have fallen head over heels with this product. I haven't been blessed in the eyebrow department so I really have to fill them in to make it look I actually have eyebrows. The struggle I face daily. Finding products that actually work on a budget has been a struggle. Before I was using the ELF eyebrow duo. But since this has come on the scene its been hidden well away. I love this product. I love how it gives me the shape I want. The texture is amazing and it glides on. Hardly no fallout which is always a bonus. This product comes with four shades. One highlighter and the other Three are brow fillers. It comes with Two appliances. I can tell already this is going to be a firm favourite for a long time. It comes in at £6.99. You can shop her products at Super drug and Feel unique..   


The month of January I vowed to use my palettes I haven't used in a while. I have a habit of buying new ones and forgetting that I have other ones to use. So this month I focused on two. But this one has made it into my Jan favourites. I had originally brought this to replace my Naked 3. Yes I cried when it smashed everywhere. I couldn't afford to replace it and I thought this was a pretty good dupe. I had used it once and had forgotten about it till now. I've been loving using the pink and the gold tones the most. The shadows are pigmented and easy to use which I love. This comes in at £4.00. Yes you aren't seeing things. Amazing price for a pretty good palette. You can get Makeup rev products from Super drug and there online website.


Eye primers are something I'm just getting into. A while back I Received a sample of Benefit's new eye primer. I haven't used it till the month of January. All I'm thinking is why haven't I used eye primer before. Not only does it extend the eye shadow staying put it also makes the shadows pop. I have pretty dry skin and this moisturises my lid amazingly well. It's creamy based but feels quite silky once applied. It also contains SPF 20 Which protects your lid from the sun. Now comes to the actual price of this product.. £21.50. I don't know if I'm going to buy it or look for a cheaper primer. Just because I don't know if I want to spend that on a eye primer. But I did really love it. So I might have to have a little spurge and pick this up.


A new month comes a different brand to fully try out. And that's what I've done. Seventeen is a brand I've heard lots about but I've never actually brought anything till now. I went for A Mascara and a Eyeliner. I have loved them both and I have used them all month. The eye liner is a little dry at first but once you get going and have used it a couple of times its really good. It's like a felt tip. It glides really well and dry's really quick. It also allows you to create the perfect Flick. This comes in at £3.99 which is amazingly priced. Perfect for beginners and for the likes of me who have been applying liner for years. Mascaras are one of my little things I love to buy. But it's also a product I run out of the quickest. This time I went for a Seventeen mascara to try out. This one is called (Seventeen false eye HD) Do I think it gives the impression of false eyelashes, No I don't but it does give my lashes the lift they need. Like my brows I was behind the door when lashes were given out. So anything that gives me volume and  some length I love and this product did just that. I would re purchase it. This comes in at £6.99. You can buy Seventeen from boots and Super drug.

I have witten a post about these lipsticks but the month of January I've been reaching for the one called. "Galactic Mauve" I love the shade. It's like a soft berry tone but without a lot of pigmentation so it comes out looking really natural and more of a nude tone which I love. I knew this one was going to be my favourite and I was right. This comes in at £6.99 which lots of other shades to choose from.


I can't link the exact lipstick because this was part of a holiday set. But I have linked MAC'S Site so you can have a browse. I'm not even joking when I say this is my most used lipstick of January. The nudes have taking a step back and the bold brighter colours have mad a come back. I don't know. There is something I love about this shade. It's really pigmented and has a glossy affect. It does look pretty dark but it doesn't come out as dark. My new favourite lipstick for sure. I've always loved lip crayons and this just makes me love them even more.

What's been your Beauty favourites.


  1. I haven't tried any of Burr's products as I was so skeptical about the hype around the Youtuber product ranges but I've only heard good things about the perfect brows kit - I always am a little hesitant about buying them as well because I would only be able to use on of the pans which I feel is such a waste of packaging! Eek the dilemma! xx