Monday, 1 February 2016

Going to the GP for help regarding my MH. (My experience)

This is going to be one of the hardest posts I've ever written about. Just because I'm still coming to terms with it all. It might seem like nothing to some people but this really set me back quite a bit..

One of my goals of 2016 was to get help for my mental health because it was really holding me back. Ever since moving to a different place I hadn't gone to the doctors to get some support. But I new I had to. I plucked up all the courage I had to ring for a appointment. With a 3 week waiting time I new I had some time to prepare my self for this. Because it was a new Doctors I didn't know what to expect. I know some doctors can be funny with mental health. The day came I was a wreck. My anxiety was so bad and I just wanted to ring and cancel. I didn't because I kept thinking of what I could do in life if I got the support I needed. I got there really early. Typical Amy. But it actually helped siting outside and focusing on my anxiety. Every time I go the doctors I always clam up and just feel really faint. So in the waiting room I was literally counting to 10 to make sure I was focused. Finally my name was called.

I went in there and said what was wrong. And that's when it all became clear that I wasn't going to get what I wanted out of this. She was lovely. But after saying my symptoms she prescribed me a Book. Books don't really help me. I was totally shocked. At my other doctors they weren't at all like that and took my Mental illness very seriously and did everything they could because of my long running time with MH problems. But I got the feeling that she just shrugged it off without even wanting to know more details. I don't even think she had even read my notes. My notes would of made her more aware of what I was dealing with.. I came out of there with such a heavy feeling and once I was outside I started crying. I couldn't believe that I had gone through all that to just come out with nothing. 

It really set me back quite a bit. I don't know what I was expecting when I went in there but it definitely wasn't that. Maybe some therapy or CBT. I think It hit me worse because I've never had a bad experience regarding my mental health. I came home and didn't know what I was going to do. I had it all planned on "Recovery" But it all had come crashing back down. Going to doctors was one of the hardest things I could of done and getting treated like that has put me off it. Not that I was treated badly it was just that I didn't really think she took it seriously. Mental health isn't a joke and at all levels it should be taken seriously. Like I said before doctors can be really good or just not very understanding.

Right now I'm looking at going through mind to for some therapy which is quite a waiting a list But till then I'm going to get on with things and try my best to keep on track with everything. Even though it's pretty hard. But I don't have much choice. But I know I will get there eventually.

If you are currently waiting to see a doctor about mental health. Do go because 95% off them are amazing and will give you all the help you need.

Have you ever had a bad Experience with a Doctor regarding Mental Health. 


  1. My doctors are notoriously bad at not taking most things seriously so I have never been to them regarding MH. I think there's a widespread feeling that a lot of Doctors don't take mental health seriously and I think that's why a lot of people don't go for help. I actually went to a voluntary run counselling service called 'Network'. I waited quite a while too but they were amazing and you pay as much as you can each session, they may have one like it in your area. I had weekly counselling sessions and I actually went for quite a few months before I felt ready to leave. It's not a cure for anxiety of depression but it helped me pick up my life again and realise when I start to have those feelings so I can make sure it doesn't get to the point it was before. I'm sorry you had that bad experience but remember there are people out there who understand and can help. If you do go back to the doctors, I'd recommend asking or looking on their website to see if any of them specialise in mental health and make an appointment with them. Wishing all the best and sorry for the essay!!