Thursday, 7 January 2016

Misconceptions about MH and the stimga bloggers face.


This is a post I have wanted to write for a while. I've kept putting it of and of. And today I just thought why not write it. It's so important for me to write about mental health so that's what I'm going to do.

I've suffered from Mental Health issues since I was 13 teen years old. So that's around 10 years which is a very long time if you look at it written down. But life passes really quickly so it doesn't really seem that long ago till it all started to happen. Over the years I've had a lot of things said to me that shouldn't of been said regarding Mental Health. I really wanted to touch base on that People who suffer from mental health disorders can't help it. But here's a  few misconceptions that people make about Mental health.

I've had this one said to me a few times. "Only WEAK people suffer from Mental Health problems"
This one really angers me. Actually all of them anger me but this one even more so.
I don't understand  how a Mental health issue can make a person "WEAK" I think it's more the other way around it makes the person "STRONGER"

People who suffer from mental illness are "LAZY"
If people don't suffer from any MH issue they might see it as people being "lazy" But what they don't understand that is how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning because you don't see no point. Or hard it is to get dressed or washed. It might seem simple enough but it's really not when you are feeling so low.

"People with MH Problems can get rid of it if they really wanted to"
This one actually makes me laugh. It's so idiotic that a person would think like that. You wouldn't go around saying that to a person with a Flu/cold so why would say that to someone who suffers with mental health problems. YOU CAN'T JUST GET RID OF IT.

"If you get on with life it will go by its self"
This one is so damaging. Because a mental illness won't go by its self. If left un treated it can in fact get worse. I've done this for a long time and not once has my Mental Health improved. It's really not worth it. Go to a doctors they are trained and can help you also they can refer you on to the correct therapy.

I could sit here and write forever about the Misconceptions about Mental health but I'm just going to move on to the other topic.

The stigma bloggers face while announcing they have Mental health issues.

This topic is really touchy and I will try my best not to come over all bolshie. For a while now even before I've started talking about Mental health. I've seen very snide remarks about Bloggers pretending to have "Mental health issues" on twitter. I find it such a shame that anyone would ever say it. I just don't understand how they know that person is "pretending" to have a mental illness. It's not possible to know unless you know them in real life. I think a lot people think that bloggers are jumping on the "Bandwagon" of having a mental Illness. Just because it's common in the blogging community it doesn't mean people are "pretending" to suffer from one. It can be really damaging to say something like that because it might make some think that there mental health issue isn't real. That can be really bad and that might lead to more problems for that person down the line. Also people are suggesting that bloggers write mental health posts for the "Views"  Do you realise how bad that sounds. I don't think anyone would ever doing something like that because its a very serious problem. I don't write my MH posts for the views. I write mine because I want to help people feel less alone also it helps me. A couple of people I've seen on twitter this week being to scared to post a MH post because of the backlash. That's so wrong and shouldn't be happening. Mental health needs to be something that's talked about.  I think next time next time I see anything suggesting that certain topic I will be blocking. It's so unhelpful and can cause more damage then you think.

Have you had anything bad said to you regarding mental health..


  1. I've never heard anything bad about mental health issues. But I have dealt with people not knowing the difference of having a bad day and being deressed for real. And I can get a bit upset when someone blog about being depressed/having anxiety when they are just having a bad day or so. I think that if people is faking anxiety can make it harder för people that's really suffering to speak up. If you know what I mean?