Thursday, 28 January 2016

Goals of 2016 (January update)

Goals of 2016 (January update).

Just like last year the month of January has gone super fast. Nearly a month ago I sat down and wrote my Goals of 2016 post and published it. Every month I'm going to be doing a post to see how I've done each month to keep me on track.

My first goal and maybe one of my biggest goals was to get my mental health under control. I new that it wasn't going to be easy. Oh and it proved me right. January was a very up and down month of mental illness. One of the biggest things I achieved was going to the doctors for help. Unfortunately that didn't go to well and set me back quite a bit. I will be writing a post on it so I will explain more then. I managed to say YES to more things which in the end made me feel a lot better. My sleeping pattern is hit and miss. Sometimes I can sleep really well other times really bad. I have managed to go outside everyday. This was one of my biggest challenges and I struggled quite a bit. I think I did well but a lot of old things resurfaced and made my mental health take a step back. But February is a new month. So a new beginning once again. I plan to do more and challenge my mental health more.

My personal goals haven't gone very good if I'm honest. I haven't achieved any yet. But I am looking at booking a holiday for the summer but haven't gone through with it yet. I hope February proves much better for my personal goals.

Fitness. I honestly thought that would be the one I would fail at and give in. But a month later I'm still going strong. I'm beyond proud on how amazing I've done. I used to be such a comfort eater and would sit and binge on anything. But this year I wanted to stop it and get back on track. I've exercised every single day and I've ate healthy every day but one day of the week I will either have one treat or a cheat meal. It's working and I'm feeling so much better. I've lost weight my hair is so much healthier and my skin is glowing. I weighed my self and it wasn't to bad but something I didn't want to be. Since then I think I've lost 6/7 pounds of weight and you can already tell the difference. I'm so proud of my self. Bring on February  

Finally how have I done on the blogging front. I think I've done pretty good. I've gained 10 followers which is amazing and I've posted over 15 times. People seem to be enjoying my content which is amazing and makes me happy. I also set up a mental health chat on twitter which has gone so amazingly well.

So all in all January has been okay. My mental health has had set backs. I've lost weight. Nothing much going on in my personal life and blogging life has grown.

I'm happy with the month I've had. Hope February is even better.


  1. you have done amazing Amy and i love your positive attitude! In all honesty,you have achieved so much this month and you should be so proud of yourself,i am so proud of you hunni xx