Friday, 15 January 2016

First Impressions/ Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick,

( First impressions)  DIEGO DALLA PALMA Lipstick.

Yes I admit I have way to many Nude lipsticks and don't need anymore. But I caved and got this one. No shocker there. I just can't seem to say NO AMY PUT THAT DOWN. When it comes to buying lipstick. Especially Nudes. I was in Marks and Spencer's with my mum and I dragged her to the beauty aisle. (Not literally. I promise.) She's not really a makeup kind of person but she came with me because she knows I enjoy looking around. I find Marks really stock some really nice products and some good names to. But I'm going to be honest and say that I've never heard of the name and I was looking through all their products they had out and was a bit opened mouth at the prices but like I said I don't really know the brand. My eyes darted straight to the lipsticks and came across this one and I knew I had to have it. What I thought was a little strange was they only had Nudes/Pinks on sale. So I did a little brain note to look on marks website. Turns out they do have more shades available online.

Now lets get onto my thoughts. This lipstick cost £15.50 so the same price as a MAC lipstick. I love the texture and it went on really lovely. The shade is a little lighter then it looks. More like a pinkish colour which I thought was lovely. It's pigmented. Well I hoped it be for the price. The only downside I did find I had to re apply It a couple of times for it to look what I wanted it to look like. I guess that's me being me. But for first impressions I like it but don't necessarily love it and it won't be going in my favourite lipstick pile for now. Maybe I'm still overly obsessed with my Plums and Dark nudes. Maybe I'll bring it to the front of my stash when S/S comes in. But I'm not going to not wear it because of the price tag. I think it would be a waste of money for it to sit there and for it to look pretty.

Have you heard of this brand. What's your thought's on it if you have.

  As you can see the shade is much lighter then what it looks like. 


  1. I've never heard of this brand before. I always forget Marks and Spencers have a beauty aisle. I would have expected it to be a little less expensive considering it's not MAC. It is very pretty and definitely something that'll be lovely to wear coming into Spring. x

  2. I love the colour but it's pretty pricey! Looks really nice though and perfect for the Spring time xo