Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Choosing to get FIT in 2016.

Getting FIT in 2016.

Fitness has never been my strong point. Actually I can't think of anything worse then training my body back into shape. BUT it needs to happen. Like I said I've never been fit but recently I've taken unfit to another level. It's pretty embarrassing actually. I only have to run up a stairs and nearly be choking on out of breathiness.  To be honest I didn't think fitness mattered but it so does. I know my weight doesn't help matters but that's something I'm currently working on, My choice to loose weight was an eye opener for me because I finally saw that I had let my self go. I didn't recognise the person in the mirror anymore. I new that if started healthy eating I new I wanted fitness to be apart of my journey as well. I didn't know a whole lot about fitness and I still don't. I'm currently doing SUGAR POP fitness videos on YouTube. Which is a massive struggle and sometimes I struggle to get through 10 minutes. But this isn't a competition and my fitness will improve in it's own time. I always thought FITNESS was an expensive thing to get into. But I really was shocked on how cheap you can get things now. I remember being in school and the only place you could get Fitness clothes was from sports shops. And that was pretty pricey. These days they sell them everywhere. My favourite place is SPORTS WORLD. So affordable. One of the things I was worried about was getting a pair of trainers. The last time I had a pair of trainers was when I was in year 11 which was 7 years ago and I know prices have gone up since then. I was looking for a bargain because I didn't want anything to expensive. I found these pair of trainers for £12. Such a bargain right. So inexpensive and so cute too. Personally I haven't heard of the brand. I love PRIMARK fitness range. I picked up a top pair of fitness leggings and a sports bra for under £15 which I thought was really good. I've always spouted about getting fit and losing weight but year after year I always make excuses up. This year I feel so motivated to lose the pounds and get my fitness level back up. It really helps that I have support on a bloggers fitness chat on WHATSAPP. It's amazing at what some support can give you. Lauren who runs it also has set up a new TWITTER chat every Sunday at 6pm. #Fitbunnieschat Which is so good to get tips support and encouragement during your fitness journey. I've also found Healthy eating and fitness as helped my low mood which is always a good thing. I'm currently on day 9 of fitness and healthy eating and I'm feel more motivated then ever.

I will be doing updates.

Are you on a healthy eating and fitness journey. How are you finding it.


  1. Those trainers are so cute!! Best of luck Amy :-) I'm a bugger for exercising, I really need a bit of motivation in my life. X

  2. I love your new gear. I'm wanting to get fit this year too. I'm wearing my Fitbit and using my new hula hoop from aldi. I'll try and look out for your chat on Sunday. Have a good week. 😀 X

  3. Well done and good luck achieving your goals.
    I've also set myself the goal of getting fit this year as I'm the same as you - dash up a flight of stairs and I'm out of puff!
    I've joined a beginners 10 week running club and the first session is tomorrow eeek!


    KT xo.

  4. I am also making a change this year. I've started cutting down on unhealthy foods/ drinks and will be starting the gym when my physiotherapist gives me the OK, and for once I'm actually excited to exercise! Hope it goes well for you, good luck x

    Caoimhe | Blend and Bronze