Tuesday, 26 January 2016


ALL IN BLUE (Outfit of the day)

I've done a couple of outfit of the day's during my blogging time. But this one is my favourite one. Because I felt CONFIDENT. I've been on my weight loss journey for 4 weeks now and my body is changing so much and I love seeing the difference. Recently my style has change a little and I'm loving it. I'm going for heels fitted jackets and blouses. Today I went out and loved my outfit so I thought I would take some pics to document it on here.

All in blue. This actually wasn't planned I just went with it. My jacket is from NEW LOOK last year. My blouse Sale NEW LOOK this year. Jeans New look sale this year. Shoes NEW LOOK. My bag is from Accessorise.

I loved the shoes so much but they hurt so bad. Lucky I always carry flats with me when I'm wearing heels.

I love how this came together. It's Girly and Smart all thrown into one.

I went for a subtle makeup look so the outfit could do all the talking. My hair was pinned back. For the first time in years it's my natural hair colour and I'm loving it..


  1. You look lovely however I am nosey and I would have liked a close up of your hair 😜
    I like wearing the same colour but it different shades I think it works really well - I even go as far as matching my eye shadow.... 😀

  2. i love your outfit and all from New look which is my fav shopping destination! Love your jacket,jeans,blouse,shoes,that's everything and you look amazing xx