Thursday, 10 December 2015

Yankee candle Christmas set (Blogmas day 10)

BLOGMAS DAY 10 ALREADY, WHAT. How fast does the time go. I find it unreal. So we are 15 day's from celebrating Christmas. Hang on while I pinch my cheeks to see if this is real. It doesn't seem five mintues since it was November. Today I thought I would do a Yankee post. I love there candles so much. But I always sick to the ones I like and don't go trying others out. When I lived in my last hometown it was quite difficult to get Yankee candles unless you ordered online. But the hometown I live in now. Every supermarket sells them, card shops and there is even a Yankee candle shop. I must admit I got a little excited to see what it was like. It actually gave me a little headache because of all the scents. A couple of weeks back. Actually it was Black Friday. I was looking in the Card shops for Christmas cards when I came across that Clintons cards where doing 25% off Yankee candles. I new I wanted to pick up some festive scents so I thought I would make the most of it and see what they had. I was really surprised that all there Christmas range was in the 25% off. I couldn't decided what I like and what I didn't because they all smell the same after a while of sniffing them all. So I decided to pick up a sample set which came in at £7.49. I thought that was a pretty decent price and I could actually decided what I did and didn't like. I still haven't decided what I like. Typical Amy. But I really do like the Angel wings candle and I think I will be picking that one up in a Jar. As off the others ones. I'm not sure on. I'm going to wait to burn the Christmas Eve one till actual Christmas eve.

What are your favourite festive scents from Yankee candle.


  1. Great post, I love Yankee candles! My favourite is snow in love! X