Wednesday, 30 December 2015

December beauty favourites

My last post of 2015 had to be a beauty post. I haven't done a beauty favourites in a long while. So I thought why not do one for the last month of the year. I'm such a creature of habit of makeup I always stick to what I like. Even though I buy lots of different makeup I always see my self going back to what I love and trust. Today's post is something that I have used through out the year and loved as you can see from the usage of the products.

My first beauty favourite is this eye palette from the PS love beauty range from Primark. This is a brand that I tried and loved this year. It's so affordable and the quality is good. I especially love there eye palettes I brought two of them. The day and night one. The night one wasn't really to my fancy so I gave that one away. But the day palette is perfect for every day use. I love that you can create a subtle smoky eye look or you can just use one colour and it would still look lovely. I love eye palettes especially the ones that are small and you can carry around with you.
This comes in at £2.50.

My next beauty favourite is another item from the PS love beauty range. I picked this up a couple of months ago and actually could not believe how good it is. Its a lip liner but I use it for that and a all over lipstick. It's such a gorgeous colour and perfect for me because I love my nudes. I have worn it pretty much everyday. It doesn't last long on the lips. I would say around a four hours and that's if you don't eat/drink. But I think it's really good especially for a £1.

I could not put this in my favourites. Not going to lie but this has been my favourite lipstick for months. As you can see from the usage. I love this it's the perfect colour and it just looks amazing on. I would say it's the perfect nude for me. Not to light and not to dark. If you haven't guessed already it's MAC BRAVE. If you follow me on twitter you know that I always mention this in beauty chats or just general. I need to pick another one of these in the new year because it's definitely my go to lipstick and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Yet again you can see I've loved a lot on this product. I've had this a while and it's definitely a products I keep going back to. I love trying out different bronzers and highlighter's but always come back to this one. At first I didn't like this bronzer because it was to "orange" But I soon learnt less is more when dabbing into the product. I soon bececame used to doing that and now I love it. I love the highlighter more. It has the perfect shimmer for me. Yes I'm talking about the Urban Decay FLUSHED palette in NATIVE.

No shock that I've included another palette into my December favourites. Palettes are one of the things I love to collect. After receiving quite a few this Christmas I've decided not to buy another one for a while. I think I'm going to do a my top 5 favourite palettes at some point in the new year. But on to the this palette. I've been  loving this palette through December. I just love all the shades and perfect to create eye looks that aren't to much of an effort. LoREAL LA PALETTE ROSE.

This concealer has been my favourite one all year round. I love the coverage it gives me and it hides my back circle under my eyes. It goes well will with its sister foundation. There's not much really to say about it. It does its Job. It's affordable and I love it.

My final favourite isn't much of a shock if you've been following my blog for a while. This is my all time foundation and I never change it. Well sometimes I do if I'm feeling in a really wild mood. But's that's not often. I just love the coverage so much. I have acne prone skin and this always does the amazing job of covering the vile things that like to make a home on my face. I also have really dry skin and this gives me a dewy glow which I love.

What has been your favourite beauty product of December..


  1. Fab post Amy. Love that concealer!! I'm such a bad sleeper and along with my anxiety I tend to get so dark under my eyes - It does a great job!

    Happy New Year <3

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    1. Thanks you. Yes I agree. Thanks so much for all the comments you've been leaving.
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