Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Traditions (Blogmas Day 1)

How is it December already. This year has flown by. Christmas has got to be my all time Favourite holiday that us Brits celebrate. It just has this wonderful feeling about it. Full of joy and happiness. Our Christmas Traditions have changed a little since I was little but some are the same. Today for Blogmas day 1 I thought I would make the first post a Christmassy one and tell you all about our Christmas traditions.

Christmas Eve traditions.

Most of our Traditions start on Christmas eve. Its a day of preparing for the BIG day ahead.

 Every year without fail we will got to our local supermarket to finish of the Christmas food shopping and if we are feeling brave we might pop into town to pick up some last minute presents or some extras.

We always buy our Turkey on Christmas Eve. My mum always likes to buy a fresh turkey and to cook on it the same day. So that means we have to get up super early if we want to go with her.

Ever since we were little we get new Pj's. One of the Traditions I love because it's one we've been doing for the longest.

Instead of making a big meal and having all the washing up to do. We buy party food and some nibbles. Which I love. This is one of the newest traditions.

We do many more things throughout the day but I would be here forever so i'm going to do the last one. Before we all go upstairs for the night we watch the midnight mass show which is on ITV. I love watching it and it always gets me excited for the day ahead.

Christmas Day traditions

Something that has never changed is that before we aren't aloud down stairs till the Christmas lights and the Christmas music are turned on. (Big Kids at heart)

I don't think its just our family traditions but we never eat breakfast. It's all about the Chocolate.

Every Christmas morning we drink Bucks Fizz. I think most people drink that on Christmas Day.

A very new tradition is that we wear Christmas jumpers. Which I love. who doesn't like a Christmas jumper.

We always end the day watching the soaps. Who doesn't love a good EastEnders storyline.

I loved writing this post. Its always nice seeing what everyone else's traditions are. We love ours and they keep on growing as we get older.

I would love to know one of your traditions. Christmas Eve Or Christmas day.


  1. We have so many traditions, like we always have a pizza on Christmas eve. We also always have a mince pie and a hot chocolate before I go to bed on Christmas eve.
    Coleoftheball xx

    1. Love how you have a mince pie and a Hot chocolate on Christmas eve. I love hearing about other peoples traditions. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I love that you always get mew pj's to wear on Christmas Eve. That's so cute!! I've moved out now, but our parents always used to put a present at the end of our beds to wake up to on Christmas morning. It was always one from Santa too. Ha!

    1. That's adorable. That's something we have never done. Ahh I'm dreading the moving out stage. Its never the same. haha Thanks for commenting.