Thursday, 1 October 2015

Current favourite lipstick.

Happy 1st of October everyone. This is my all time favourite month. Pumpkins cold weather boots and pretty coloured leaves.  Today I'm talking about my current favourite lipstick. I only picked this up last Saturday. I never wear pale lipsticks. Just because I don't think I suit them. I'm quite pale so putting pale on pale I always thought It wouldn't go. But I was so wrong. I brought this because the shade did look brighter then it was. Otherwise I wouldn't of got it. But I'm so glad it did look darker. It's just the perfect pale pink. It's a matte shade but it's quite creamy too. This is from the New look range Pure colour. It only cost £2 because it was on sale. It's a really beautiful colour and I can see myself wearing it till it runs out. I'm really looking forward to buying more from there range. Especially there lipsticks. I've gone lipstick crazy at the moment. Always looking for more to buy. 

Have you tired any of there makeup line. What did you think if It.