Saturday, 3 October 2015

17 eye shadow trio palette (In the Nude)

This is my all time FAVOURITE eye shadow trio. If I'm in a rush I always reach for this because it's so simple to use. It has three shades that create the perfect smokey eye. You can do a light or  a dark smokey eye which i love. The light shade is my favourite because it's the perfect shade to wear on its own or use the other shades. It's pigmented and does last on the eye for a certain amount of hours which I like and it's so compactable that it's definitely something you can travel with. Which is a win win situation. I love these shades and I do reccomend them to people who don't use makeup everyday or to the people who aren't very good at applying eyeshadow. This is definitely for you. No fuss and 3 easy steps to create the look. You don't even have to use the three shades at once. I love love this and it comes in at £3.00 which is a bargain. 

What's your favourite eye shadow palette. That's cheap and compactable. 


  1. 17 is such an underrated brand! This eye shadow looks so pretty too - I bet I could get loads of use out of it <3

    Gisforgingers xx