Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Shaving. Ladyshave VS Normal razor.

Yes I'm going to be taking about shaving. The Bain of my life for the past 9years or so. It's funny how shaving becomes such a routine. Maybe a too much of routine. Shaving is such a funny subject isn't it. I think some people can be a bit hush hush about it. I don't think it's anything to worry about. Hair is hair. If you don't want to shave or you want to shave everything off its perfectly fine both ways. One thing you shouldn't do is follow everyone. Just do what you want to do and feel comfortable doing so. 

When I first started shaving I was around 12/13 I don't remember the exact age. But I do remember my mum being really strict about it and not letting me shave my legs any earlier. And I was definitely not aloud to use a razor so I was brought a lady shave. It wasn't cool to have hairy legs in high school. Back then I did follow the crowd with the whole shaving thing because i thought that's what everyone did and God forbid anyone having a little hair on there under arms. Everyone would look in disgust. The joys of the changing rooms. I think once you leave school and start becoming your own  person you start doing what your comfortable with without the added pressures of Doing it to fit in. I think there is still a lot of pressures for women to be completely hairless and repsent what a women should look like. With mags porn playing a big part of it. But there is nothing wrong with being hairy if that's what you want.  Now onto what I think is best or do I think there both as good as each other. 

LADYSHAVES £14.99 Argos. 
I recently brought a new lady shave because for me it's so handy and quick. Just turn it on and you good to go. You do have to get the positioning right becsuse it will give you a nasty shaving rash. The only down side to this is that it don't give you complete smooth legs. But apart from that I love it. 

RAZORS. £1/£4 from any supermarkets. 
This little thing is the bane of my life. It's a little dangerous to be honest. Well not to dangerous. But it can give you a nasty Nick if your not careful. I love using these on my legs because it's gives you the nice smooth legs which I love. Well In the summer months any ways. In the winter months it's a complete other story.  

Just do you and be you. If your comfortable with shaving or not Shaving that's completely fine. 


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