Monday, 28 September 2015

Rosie for Autograph. Fragrances

When I heard that Roise Huntington whiteley was bringing out a frangrace for Marks and Spencer's Autograph range I knew I had to smell it when I got a chance. That was a year ago and I loved It. It was such a pretty scent. I then realised she had brought another out. And with me being a little naughty and not smelling the scent and just buying it I knew it was a chance to take.

What do I think of these fragrances. 

                  EAU de Parfum
This one I think is more for summer and 
spring it's fresh smelling and really pretty. It has a tint of musk with a hint of rose in it. I've been wearing this a lot and I really fell in love with it. Not only is the bottle beautiful the scent is to. This retails in at £14 and it's the smallest bottle you can get. 

                 Nuit Parfum
This is her second one she's brought out and I've got to be honest. I hated it at first. It's very over powering. It's very musky with hits of jasmine and again rose. It's has grown on me but I still prefer her first one. It's a very grown up scent and even though I'm grown up its still too much for me. You don't need a lot of this of this on at once.  This retails in at £14 and is the smallest bottle. 

Anyone else tired anything from her collection. 

What's fragrance is your favourite or do you like both. 


  1. I'd never think to shop at M&S for perfume. I love the sound of the first one, I think the nuit may be a little too musky for my liking, but I'd love to give them a whiff. The bottles look gorgeous too!