Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Goals and things I want to change in the month of October.

As it's the last day of September. I thought I would share my goals and changes within my personal life and Blog life. I think it's really healthy to focus on new things as well as the things that you've been doing for the past how many years. Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking of how I want things to be. September hasn't been the best of months and it hasn't been the worst month. But I'm so happy to start a new month off.  

Goals and things I want to change in my personal life. 
 For so many years I've struggled to set goals up because i never complete them. It's something I forget about or just don't want to finish them. But over the recent months I've been setting them and achieving them which makes me a very happy bunny. 

My number one goal is Happiness. That does sound a little strange. But happiness is something that I want to achieve and I know by doing the things I need to will help me achieve that.

My second goal is Mental health. The month of September has been a rise and fall for my mental health. I've had some amazing days and some bad days. But I know anything like that It will happen. My number one focus is low mood and anxiety. 

Third goal. Friends/Family. I want to spend more time then I do in making sure that i spend good quality time with family and friends because it's so important. 

Blog goals. 
September has seen my blog reach 330 Bloglovin followers which is amazing. But like every other blogger. I want my blog to grow as much as I can. 

Number one goal is for me to post lots of content and not to post 2 weeks of the month and not the rest of the month. Because that's what makes my followers not go up. 

Second goal. I really want to reach 350 or more bloglovin followers. It's something I'm going to achieve. If i put a lot of hard work in. 

Third goals. To put content out that I'm truly happy with. I do that now. But I want my blog to get even more better.

My final goal is to get more and more better with photography. I've improved so much already but I know I need to improve even more. 

I've always been slightly worried about setting blog goals because my blog isn't 'big enough' but I now realise that it doesn't matter how many followers you have its important to set little goals or even big goals for your blog to grow. 

What's your blog or personal goals for the month of October.  


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