Friday, 18 September 2015

From drugstore to 1 high end. (Nude Lipsticks)

Happy Friday everyone. Im currently sitting on the sofa full up with the cold and feeling very sorry for myself. I always gets This yearly cold. It feels like it gets worse every year. Today I thought I would show you my Drugstore to 1 high end nude lipsticks. I'm obsessed with nude lipstick. I used to be all about the colour now I rarely reach for them. I think I've got comfortable with wearing nudes that colour is a little out of my comfort zone. 
Let's get into my favourite nudes. Be warned some of them are very worn. 


I think this was the first nude I owned. I love the collection so I went for Cheryl's one. I was a bit wary that it wouldn't suit me. But it definitely grew on me in town. It's looks a lot darker then it comes out.  It's very light and has a little shimmer. It's very glossy which makes it come off pretty easy. 


MUA is one of my favourite palaces to but lipsticks. I love them. I've done a whole collection on them. I just think there such a great price and the quality is really good. This is one of my more redder nudes. It's very MATTE. Perfect for the upcoming seasons. It's very long lasting. 

Makeup reveloution

I thought my Loreal one was light but I think This has beaten it. But this one does go on a lot darker. This one is more of tan nude. I've got to say I was pretty impressed with makeup reveloution lipsticks. They are very pigmented and long lasting. This one is MATTE so it can be very drying unusually apply a gloss I top. 


This is my only nude high end. Is MAC even considered High end anymore. I still call it because £15.50 for a lipstick is pretty steep. I love my MAC lipsticks. They are amazing quality and are just a dream to look at. As you can see I've used this one ALOT. I fell in love straight away. And it's called BRAVE. perfect shade perfect finish and just all round perfect lipstick. This is definitely my go to nude lipstick. 


Rimmel ASIA. I've move tried Rimmel lipsticks before this so I didn't know what to expect. I just new I loved the colour. It's definitely lived up to my expections. I love it. The shade the finish is amazing. It's my darker of darker nudes. Recently I've been reaching for this even more. It's very glossy which i love.  

There you go there is my nudes. Not literally nudes in lipstick form. 

What's your favourite NUDE lipstick. I would love to know.  


  1. I'm more of a dark lipstick girl personally but I really want to get into nude lipsticks, these all look so pretty!