Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Autumn is coming. (OOTD

I love A/W for clothes. Darks are my favourite to dress in. I've been loving looking around and seeing all them Autumn and Winter collections come out. And I've been eyeing it all up. But let's be honest there's only so many grey jumpers a girl needs. I've been really blown away with how amazing Primark as been. As I live in Cardiff now. The Primark is huge and amazing. 

The weather has been getting more chilly and the dark nights are coming. So I thought I would pick up some bits. This whole outfit is from Primark. The jumper is so cosy I love a skinny jean. This outfit all together cost £17.50. How amazing is that. That why I love Primark because it's super adorable. I can't wait to pick up some more bits. 

Who's excited for Autumn. 


  1. i love how simple and cheap this outfit is, so excited for Autumn sweater weather!

    1. Thanks honey. I know that's why I love Primark. Same here. To excited.