Sunday, 20 September 2015

A little IKEA haul.

As most of you know that me and my family moved to Cardiff recently for a fresh start. And as you know with moving it comes with buying homeware. I've being loving the experience of making our home our own. I've been even more excited to do my room up. It's basically all white. I've been to IKEA a few times now and really enjoyed it. Where I used to live before we live no where near one. Now we live 10mins drive away which is amazing. IKEA is just amazing as everyone says it is. I'm only going to be showing you the bits from the latest trip. 

First of all our these cute cactuses. I've seen loads of people have them. They are so lovely and I just needed them. I just hope I don't kill them because I wasn't gifted with green fingers. I'll get back to you on how these last. 

Candles. I love candles. You can never have to many of them. I haven't tried IKEA candles before so I picked this beauty up and not only does this look beautiful it smells pretty amazing too

I didn't get these fairy lights from dunhelms. I made them into a bunch of flowers. But I did get this cute little glass to store them in. 

I desperately needed a mirror for my dressing table. I couldn't find a mirror that I really liked or they where to expensive. When I found this beauty in IKEA I had to pick it. It's so beautiful and it was so inexpensive. 

How beautiful are these perfume bottles. I've always wanted a set of these since i was a little girl when my mum had them on her dressing table. I finally found some that I really like and would go with my theme. 

That's all I brought this time around. I love IKEA. It's a wonderful store. 

Who else loves IKEA. Hands up.  


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