Monday, 10 August 2015

Poundland beauty haul

Did I just say a poundland beauty haul. Yes I did. Well it's not a beauty beauty haul. Just some nail varnishes and nail varnishes removers. I was just in there buying boring day to day things when i came across the beauty bit and of course I had to have a look. I always look to see if they have any other good brands in there. But this time they didn't have anything that caught my eye. I came across the nail varnishes and though they where pretty. For a. £1 you cannot go wrong. Either way it isn't going to break the piggy bank. So I brought two and went on with my shopping. I'm so into pink right now like really into it. So I brought two pinks. One slightly lighter then the other. I haven't been painting my nails at all recently. So there all back I being healthy. So I needed to have a nails painting session. When I I have used them a couple of times. I will definitely do a review. And if there good I will be going back to buying more. 


  1. I really want to try some of Poundland's makeup, I've heard some really good things about it! x

    Jordan Alice