Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My two favourite products to contour with.

Contouring contouring. This is something the world has gone crazy about. We all want perfect faces. All thanks to Kim kardashian. Her perfect skulpted face makes the world go mad. But but she as a makeup artist to make her look perfect.  We are not all lucky to have someone to follow us around and provide the prefect contour. 

What is contour. 
To me contour is giving the illusion and to enchance your facial features. Also to give shape. It's not meant to be noticeable. It's meant to be Subtle to create the illusion of a perfect shaped face. 

For a long time I've struggled to get the perfect contour. And I still struggle. I always tend to put to much on the the brush and I end up looking more muddy then shaped. Which I definitely wasn't after. It's hit or miss but it definintly depends on the product you are using. If you are using something to dark or shimmery it will look to much and not subtle. I think finding the perfect contouring product is like finding the perect foundation. It's all about following your skin tone. If you like the more dark contour look go for it. But I personally like the more subtle look. I think I've found my two favourite contour products. 

My first one is the Urban decay flushed naked palette in NATIVE. 

This can be used to bronze or contour and I use it to contour. It's quite orange tonned but if you put the right amount o product on your brush it turns out really nice. It gives you a warm subtle contour which I Iove. What's also good about this palette if your into strobing it has the perfect highlighter in it too. It's very compactable and very easy to use. This is quite pricy and comes in at £22.50 I definintly think it's worth the price and I would buy again. 


My second favourite is much much cheaper then the last but does the same job. And in fact I've been reaching more for this one. I've been loving the look it gives me. This is more of a bronzer but work very well as a contour. This comes in at £2 what a difference in price. 

It doesn't matter on what you can afford. You can pick up your perfect contour palettes whatever your budget is. And if your worried that you will pick up the wrong shade or product speak to one of the staff. That's what they are there for. 

What's your favourite contour palette. 


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