Saturday, 1 August 2015

ASIA (Rimmel Lipstick)

Two beauty posts in less then 24 hours. There must be something wrong with me. I'm really trying to get back into blogging frequently. And what better way to write a little review on a BEAUTIFUL lipstick. I haven't always been lipstick mad and I can remember the times where I only had one very bright pink lipstick. I think I still have it. Shh don't tell anyone. But all of a sudden. Well over the  past couple of years I've gone lipstick crazy. First it was was all the pinks and now it's all the nudes. At this right moment in time I'm OBSESSED with nude lipstick. My all time favourite ones are MAC Brave and Rimmel ASIA. That's the one I'm going to be talking to you about today.  

I first saw this lipstick on Meganjanelillie Instagram and instantly fell in love with it. I hunted it down as soon as I went into town. It was really a hunt. It's was pretty easy to find. I went into boots and nearly brought it but didn't. Then I looked in Superdrug and it was cheaper. So I picked it up and off I went. I'm all about saving the pennies. My first initials thoughts about it was "oh no it's to dark for me " I thought it didn't suit my skin tone very well. But I knew it was a kind of lipstick that had to grow on me. And I made it a task of mine to wear it until I loved it. And it actually worked. I love how it's a more of a deeper nude/brown shade. It's so creamy and does last on the Lips. Love the smell too. But I don't think that's to important. Just Amy being Amy. The packaging is super cute and the product is amazing so a massive thumbs up from me. I can't wait to build on my Rimmel lipstick collection. 

Thought I would add a little selfie to show you what it look like on. 

What's your favourite Rimmel lipstick. 


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