Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Primark haul

Primark haul time. Recently I've been loving Primark. They really have upped there game and there quality of there clothing. They style is so on point which has made me spend money that I really don't have. I guess where all a little guilty of doing that. 

First up is this beautiful Kimono. Believe it or not I've not owned one of these before. But as soon as I saw this I new I needed to have it. The fringing at the bottom just makes it come together. I love the colour and the print. This cost  £10 
I love these tops and I own quite a few. This time I went for more of a darker colour. The print is amazing. And I can definitely see me wearing this into the Autumn months with a big cardi on top. This cost £4 
I don't usually do dress because I'm not entirely happy about certain aspects of my body. I got brought a dress for my birthday and i love wearing it so I thought I would get another to start buliding my dresses up. This one so adorable the print is amazing. This cost £8 
When I saw this top i knew I had to have it. It's so beautiful and girly and just amazing. It's gypsy top style with a bit of flown in it. This cost £6

That's my haul guys. I will be doing outfit of the days. So you can see what the items look like on. Who doesn't like a little spree in primark.


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