Sunday, 26 July 2015

Myths&Facts about Mental Illness

Today I thought I would do something kind of different and actually give you some Myths and facts about Mental illness. There's so much out there about it. Some of it good and some damaging. Mental illness should not have any stigma around it in 2015. But it does and some of the things I still here about the topic makes me wonder if it will ever not be surrounded by stigma. But with people talking about it and make it known what it's like or what the signs are or just telling there story's will help break the stigma little by little. 
Here's some Myths and Facts about Mental illness. 

Myth You can tell if someone has a mental health problem. 
Fact you can't tell if someone has a Mh illness. We all look the same as everyone else. 

Myth Only certain people can suffer from a MH problem. 
Fact Anyone can suffer or experience a mental health problem at any time of there life. 

Myth Mental health problems are rare. 
Fact 1in4 people will experience a mental health problem. 

Myth People who suffer with mental health problems do not recover. 
Facts lots of people do recover from there mental health problems and go on to live very happy life's. 

Myths People with mental illness can't work. 
Fact You probably work with someone who suffers with a mental illness. 

Myths "I don't know anyone with a MH illness" 
fact Someone you know or LOVE has experienced a MH problem. 

Myths There's nothing I can do to help someone with a mental health problem. 
Fact. There's lots of things you can do to help. Even if it's something really simple. Like asking someone if they are okay. 

These are some myths and facts and there's loads more. But if did them all I would be here for years. 

Have you heard some myths about mental illness. What where they. 


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