Friday, 24 July 2015

Change within my blog.

I haven't posted in a long while. It's mostly to do with how my life is going at the moment and how i have little motivation to blog. Forced posts aren't my kind of thing. As much as I love beauty I think it's time to change my blog up. I want my blog to help others and to make people feel like it's okay to talk about subjects that might be stigmased or if a person doesn't have that someone there to help support them during difficult times. Or they just want some kind of advice. I think that's where I belong in the whole blogging world. It's nice to blog about all the pretty and nice things in the world but it's a lot harder to put yourself out there and talk about the not so nice things in life. I think it's important to voice what your feeling and what your dealing with. I know not everyone is comfortable with that and that's fine. But I'm keen on doing it. Not only will it help me but other people too. The subject I will be most covering is mental health. I want to help break the stigma. 


  1. great post! I am looking forward to seeing your future posts now xx